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6/25/2006 12:41 am

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Well I think I am out of my depressed slump now thanks to someone special ( you know who you are). It's amazing how how much happier life seems when you have a good friend and lover in your life.I've always heard sex was a good stress reliever and its true. I went to a job that sucks with a shit eating grin on my face today. I was happy,satisfied and still savoring the thoughts of making love to a man that is a great friend and lover. I only wish there had more time for us to enjoy each other more today. He has opened my eyes to whole new world of sexual pleasures and ideas. Some I might do and some I might not..LOL But you never can tell.My biggest fantasy is fucking in the rain like two star crossed lovers just coming to realize how much they want each other. Damn if it ain't raining cats and dogs tonight. I'm here he's there and my thoughts are in the gutter. Oh well I guess it will make a good wet dream tonight. Will catch ya'll later.


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