Fantasy Part 1  

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10/11/2005 12:34 pm

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Fantasy Part 1

I am going to tell it as a story, one that has just never happened... I cannot believe I am going to write this. I decided not to write it all at once. Still trying to muster nerve...

It starts with me and a couple, this is a couple I have never met, they are strangers. (Strangers, a funny word) She (Calling her Deb) is very hot, and is wearing a short skirt and a revealing shirt. Her ample breast push on the fabric and her nipples show clearly through. He (John) is an average guy, nice and easy going but not over nice, not fake, just a cool guy who laughs a lot like I do. We all are drinking a little and having fun. Deb keeps smiling and looking at me in that, I like to fuck kind of way. Some girls like to fuck but really don’t get much because they screen out so much,always looking for a hunk, this girl is a real slut and you can tell. She even prefers to fuck an average guy like me, it is just some how dirtier for her. She just oozes sex. As we party she hops up on the end table and puts one leg on the sofa and one leg spread out on the coffee table. Her runway snatch is trim and curves down to a nice little shaved pussy. She Looks at her own little cunt and asks me “Do you like my pussy” as she holds her skirt up for me to see. I say yes, yes I do, and then look at John who gives me the go ahead. As I approach she gives in fully, her legs wide, she props her wet pussy up so I can get to it with no trouble. I kneel down and start to lick softly at her clit, she opens up more, more then I thought possible. It is the willingness of someone who is giving up her pussy, letting me have it. Desperate for it to be dealt with, to be fucked. And she begins to moan as she watches me lick her. I lick her with a smooth tempo allowing her to gather, allowing her to see me flick her clit with my tough, she is saying "ohh lick me, lick my pussy.. She shakes and cums in a Hugh multi orgasmic shutter, wet oozes into her pussy and she begins to rub herself, just as I look over I see John's cock right buy me, it is hard and he wants me to

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