"Watched" but Approved  

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8/23/2005 6:34 am

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"Watched" but Approved

OK, so she's engaged. It means different things to different people. She really loves the guy (he sounds wonderful, I admit), so she said that we won't be having sex.

She also told me of a time several years ago, where we talked at a funeral. I was "happily" married but I remember telling her that I would always remember her fondly (and I do). At that time, she says she wanted to lead me away, but thought better of asking. He she done so, I most certainly would have followed.

Apparently she was in a "difficult" stretch in her life, she says she thought about me constantly. To the point of obsession. When I heard this, I was so sad, but so excited that someone felt this kind of passion toward me.

When I arrived at her place for our motorcycle ride, she greeted me with one of "our" hugs. They just take your breath away, like a touching of bodies so deeply that you feel the fire of the "spirit". I remember now how much I once loved her. We chatted for awhile, looked at the wildflowers in her garden, then began suiting up for our ride.

While she was putting on her upper body armor, I paid close attention to her physical structure. "Ripped" is the term weightlifters use. If I knew the names of all the muscles, I would have no problem pointing them all out, on her chest, arms, and core.

"Vela" the older lady from next door, who had been watching from inside, came out and greeted us, expressing approval at our zip- on "protection".

It was a ride of ecstasy! There is plenty of room on the bike and she was sitting back, so I couldn't feel her crotch against my back. I reached down and patted her on the shin, then gently massaged the ligaments around her knee. She responded by rubbing the muscles on my back and neck in between the open areas on my armor. It was all I could do to stay focused on my driving on this curvy road around the shoreline.

We stop at a small resort that has a beach, get a snack, drinks, and spread out our towels to take in the sun, and each other. Not knowing what she'll allow I rub the muscles on her back and shoulders.

Things are going VERY well I'm thinking. Interesting how I become hyper-alert during these times, noticing every detail, every move, yet at the same time I feel almost "listless" with feelings of pleasure. While I'm kneading her muscles, I scan her whole body and notice that her hips are "grinding" slightly, I reach down to my shorts to adjust the swelling that is taking up more space.

When she turns on her side we move closer and kiss. Just a very light kiss, but both our tongues meet, again and again.

We talk of making love, what we're going to kiss, where we're going to lick. She offers up that she gives good blow jobs (oh, how I remember!) and I remind her of the time she sucked me off over a decade ago. We talk of our times together, we were both so young then.

I'm getting SO hot! I tell her I can see her booty moving while I stroke her. I tell her what a turn on she is, and that I want to lick her sweet pussy.

She asks me if I think it's "shaved" or not. Shaved, I reply, as she nods in approval. I ask her if she can put a finger in her hole, to give me a little taste of it. She doesn't think she can do it on this crowded beach, but suggests that we go take care of some "business". Now I KNOW what I'm going to be getting....

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