Repairs around your house  

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11/10/2005 1:42 pm

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Repairs around your house

Non-perfect, emotionally available single man, in Toronto with no kids, looking for emotionally available women, anywhere. Kids or no kids OK.

Emotional baggage it’s here and it’s there,
If you have it, please skip this AD + look elsewhere.

If your married, a boyfriend or have been divorced or windowed within the last year,You still need to talk to your shrink for another 24 months, I fear.

I like clubbing, and retro, night clubs and dance, Salsa and slow rock and lot’s of romance.

What is important is someone I can trust. Not that they look good in a mini shirt or the size of their bust.

An independent soul, yes a women I seek, Who is witty and funny and can dance to the beat.

I am Spiritual, intuitive and not a flake, I am humble and honorable and not a fake.

If you can handle staying out way past eleven,And think you are going to heaven Fax me a note at 416 48?-??? 7

We have to have some chemistry and communications’ a must,
We have to get to know each other before a night of lust.

So it’s not going to happen to fast, I am sorry to say.
Come to my web site and tell me about your day,
Yes send me your picture

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