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lesbian4fun19 33F
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5/7/2005 6:15 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My Fantasy

It starts off where I'm in this large room with a round bed in the middle with all these panties and bras and sex toys all around me. I look at myself and I'm wearing a skimpy red bra and this red thong. I start to feel myself up and down my body when Pick up a vibrator. I start to feel how long and hard it is. Soon I feel the need to please myself with all the toys around me. When I'm about to this beautiful woman walks in wearing the same thing I am. I drop the vibrator and she starts to feel my body up and down. He hands felt my stomach and moved up to my breast that were about to fall out of the skimpy bra. She unties the bra in the back as it slides off me. My nipples began to get hard as she rubbed them and held my breast in her hand. Suddenly her hand slowly moves down further and I feel it rub slightly over my pussy over and over again. She starts to put her finger in deeper and deeper and moving it around. I press my back up against her as she held me pleasing me like never before. I let out a soft moan of pleasure. I say softly to her Ohh oh yes, deeper, ohh yes yes, harder, harder! She moves her finger faster and I could feel it inside me. Suddenly I feel her finger slipping away when I suddenly moan MORE MORE. When I open my eyes to look infront of me I see this other beautiful woman who looks like a twin of the first. I could feel the first in back of me and i felt the second press up against my front as she slid her tounge in my mouth and frenched me like no one has before. I suddenly felt a vibration of pleasure in my pussy as it went deeper and deeper. I held the woman in front of me tighter as the vibrator went deeper. It went deeper than any man possibly could and pleased me like never before. She moved it up and down, back and forth to give me even more pleasure. She took it out slowly and moved me towards the round bed in the middle of the room. I knelt down doggy style as one of them kissed me more and more. I suddenly felt the pleasing vibrations of the vibrator in my ass. It to went deeper as I shouted out YES OHH YES MORE MORE. I suddenly felt a second vibration again in my pussy. The vibrator went far up my ass and pleased me more than I ever imagined as the second one moved slightly back and forth up and down in every direction. I suddenly can't stop moaning louder than before as i randomly say yes yes more more.

I know it's long and i really want to know about the rest of you fantasies. Tell me all about them! Please

layneecheerldr 35F
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5/12/2005 10:56 am

Mine is sort of like that.... I am in a room dressed in a white see thorugh lace bra and thong and in comes a hot blonde who tells me that I look so pretty and that she wants a taste of me. She comes over to me and rubs me all over with her hands and pinches my nipples through my bra and then kisses my mouth and slides her tongue down my neck to my bra and flicks her tongue in and out of it straining to lick my nipples. when she finally gets to it she pulls down my bra and licks my nipples and get sthem so wet and hard and finally trails her tongue down to my stomach and traces the outline of my panties and licks my thighs softly and getting me so wet. feeling her wet soft toungue on my thighs and just outside my pussy i am soaked. She then runs her fingers lightly over my pussy, with my panties still on and gets me shuddering. she flicks her tongue over my pussy trying to move my panties over, which is all i want. finally after i beg her, she moves them over and teases my clit and my pussy with her tongue. then she starts licking it, taking in all of me and kissing my pussy with her lips, not missing a spot. later she fucks my pussy with her tongue and tells me to roll over and begins to taste me from behind. i close my eyes becase it feels so good and i dont want it to stop when i feel another mouth on me. i open my eyes and there is another hot girl licking me from the front now, and playing with my nipples.
there is nothing i love more than my pussy being licked and having it done by 2 girls is better than one.

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