yay im back.. all jump for bullshit!!  

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6/6/2005 11:48 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

yay im back.. all jump for bullshit!!

Anyways, sorry for that wicked long ass delay, Im doing stupid college summer classes that are pissing me off! And its only the beginning so wish me some luck, and hope I get through the dreaded 'public speaking' class

SO anyways who to pick...

Allright, like always names are changed because well im not a bitch, and if you read this and know its you, well dont hate me cause your moronic!

So, I talk to this guy off this site, he seems really nice, really sweet. Now let me make something clear, I sent this kid alot of pics of me, so honestly he must be extremly stupid! Anyways, we make plans to go to the casino, and him and his friend came to pick me up, He said maybe two words to me the 15 minute drive there. We got there and he basically ran off with his friend. I instantly had a feeling this was probally gonna be a shitty time. Especially when the asshole couldnt make up his mind and switched tables like the casino was gonna dissapear if he didnt hit up every table, so he dragged me around, I tried to talk to him, but mostly he either was too busy playing and loseing, or was completely ignoreing me, which I think both are most likely true. So, after about an hour of this bullshit, I just straight out asked him if he wanted me to have a friend pick me up, that kinda got his attention and he was like 'no no no, im just excited' *whatever fucker* so 3 more hours of even more bullshit, and he actually talked to me, well more like tried to talk down to me, since his ego was inflated for some unknown reason, and after listeing to him talk about how great he was, I wanted to puke on him. So, being the witty/vindictive bitch that I am, I threw some shit in his face, and I guess he didnt like knowing that I was intelligent cause he just keeped right on trying, and well to make this short, he didnt win, at neither out-smarting me or at any games! So, we go find his friend whos been hiding out in the poker room, grab him and leave *thank god* they drop me off and he tells me he wants to talk to me when he gets home. So, im like 'yahhh more fighting', which I was right. But this time it was over that I look nothing like any of my pictures, that I lied to him, he kept right on this for a good two weeks. Until he finally got the relization that ive been trying to put in his head that why would I agree to meet him if the pictures were fake? And I might have diff hair *because I do change it alot* You can def tell by my eyes, which he denied were the same in any picture.. Now, maybe if it were an intelligent fight I would of had a little aim war, but honestly, it was the most idiotic bullshit.

Now whats even funnier is that all of a sudden he decided he wanted to be friends, and fuck me, and all that other bullshit..

Sorry, I dont fuck losers...

Honestly, did he think that playing pathetic headgames would make me come running? Might work for some girls, but unfortunatly he sucked, and if he keeps useing such a pathetic way to try to make girls want him, its gonna lead him to a life of clingy middle school wannabe's that never caught the grasp of reality..


Edit: hes in the army, so right now hes sitting in SC on his ass doing nothing *woah* and kept asking me that when he comes back if we were gonna fuck, I agreed to hang out with him, since he wasnt being such an asshole, now this has been going on for 5 months, So then he gets online and starts asking me for a naked picture, asking me all this sexual shit.. and then I mention the fact that hes managed to pick up some dumb little girl, and at first hes all "me and her are just dateing, and she wont know a thing" *which he didnt know that there wasnt going to be a THING* Then I get an im from him, starts asking me if im really ok with us meeting up, and just makeing sure, as he put it. And he actually askes me if I will do anal sex with him, Im laughing alot, because Im not even gonna have sex, why in the hell am I gonna have anal? And then hes going on about how were gonna fuck for the whole 2 weeks hes here blah blah blah.. Then I ask about his girl *this is fucked* his response 'ohh shes right here watching, shes getting a complete kick out of it' which kinda threw me off in a way, like why is he even talking to me in front of his 'gf' like that. So, I asked him if she has figured out how much of an pathetic asshole he was yet? Now is there something wrong with this picture..

even more fucked, is a few days later he asked if I was 'still game' WTF?


iluv2lickshvnpus 47M

6/7/2005 10:57 am

That guy sounds like a complete idiot. I think he is one of those guys that always think he is so cool. Somebody who finds a way to get under your skin and drive you nuts. Because to him it is funny. He seems like the asshole at the party that will twist the story to make the other person look like the idiot. So he can be the center of attention in his own mind. I'm sure he is the kind of guy who is sitting there with his jar head friends. Telling them how he has this chick that will do anything for him even though he treats her like shit. Just because she is so in love with him. What he doesn't relize is that anybody with half a brain and listens to him. While they may laugh at his tall tail they know there are two sides. Which unfortunately for you doesn't leave you much hope cause I'm sure his friends are just as dumb as him.

kcbg707 31F

6/8/2005 1:12 pm

That guy is a complete dumbass. Bravo from my malicious side for throwing that shit in his face, many people aren't that forward.... Hhhhmmmmmmm.

lenore00 33F

6/8/2005 4:37 pm

well that was major lack of sleep, and he pissed me off not just because he called me too fat to be in the military, but then insulted my intelligence. he knows better! hahah


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