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6/20/2005 10:49 am

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Damn I hate beer...
Good thing its fuckin yager bombs tonight...


its friday and its my day and im gonan party until sunday maybe monday.. everyday is a holiday!!!!

im gonna make you dance!!!

Damn I miss andy!!!

*andys angel*

Yeah this post makes no sense.. BUT I JUST DONT FUCKIN CARE!!!!!! my insanelyness is comeing out like massivly.. who would of FUCKIN THUNK IT!!!!! MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

yah vodka and redbull tonight by dears!!!!
im not an alcholic, alcholics go to aa meetings, im a fucking LUSH!!!!!

Yesterday was a bad day for me.. fauthers day..

ten days befor my 18th birthday, when I lived with my fauther for many years, I woke up from a phone call for him, went to go try to wake him up and he died of a massive corinary *heart attack*

and yah yah i dont wanna hear that alchol makes things worse.. cause well I drank it for my dad! so BOO YAH!!!!


rm_ltg20022004 61

6/23/2005 2:51 am

wanna party til we can't party no more? of course some beautiful sex while doing so

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