wasn't planning on this!  

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7/14/2006 7:36 am
wasn't planning on this!

I had just arrived at my house after work expecting to see my cuz, we had talked earlier that day and he was coming over to help me with a project that I was working on. To my surprise he brought his girlfriend. She was hot and really alot of fun to be around. We all worked together for about an hour before my wife came home. At first susan was in a bad mood but I put some music on, real heavy hiphop, you know the kind you may hear in a club on saturday night. Susan still wasn't into it but my cuz got behind my susan and started to work on her very very healthy ass she started to dance. She decided that the girls needed to go to the store and get some green apple Sigrams and more beer. The girls left and we continued to work. when the girls came back they had pizza & more beer so we ate and drank some beer. We all danced some more & decided to go in the house. When we got inside we all showered. Susan & I went to our bed and started to get it on. We were having alot of fun when she recomended that I ask my cousin and his girl to our bed, I threw on a t and went out to where they were I still had raving hard on that made me have a giant tint of course susan had helped me construct under my shirt. I told my cuz to come to our bed room and he did. I layed down on the bed and susan climbed on. She told cuz to fuck her up the ass while I was in her pussy.He stuck it in boy i could feel him fill her up she took it quick and started wildley bucking She imediatly came three in a row. I was just along for the ride. Cuzes girl came in and i told susan to get up I got out from under her and took his girlfriend and stated undressing her then I layed on the bed and she mounted me I really enjoyed watching cuz fuck my wife in the ass. Heather was a wild woman. She only had one draw back she said she didnt want it in her ass. After heather came 3 times she was ready for shanon so he pulled out of my wifes ass, I got out from under heather and cuz & I swapped I ramed my throbbing cock into susans gaping ass. Im not sure of this but I think we all came at the same time. After that susan started asking if I would like to see her with another girl or if it would bother me if she ate her out. Thats the day we started swinging. Not planned just happend but boy am I glad that it did. This is the types of experiances that we are looking for,are you interested email me AdultFriendFinder,com

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