WOMEN ~ Are You Being Held Back ???  

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4/4/2005 6:20 pm

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WOMEN ~ Are You Being Held Back ???

No woman should be held back from there wants, needs and desires when it comes to sex.

This includes moving, wriggling, arching your back, jumping up and turning around when you want it from behind, or thrusting into him when and how you want too.

Just because he might blow his load before he is ready, doesn't mean you should stop what you enjoy.

The man needs to work on his stamina.
In my book, if you can't last longer than 1 hour, your lover is only getting warmed up. You have just left her hanging out to dry.

Guys, get a life and work on that stamina and make her squeal with pleasure!!!!!!!

You will enjoy sex much more to when you can control when and how long you will make her ride your manhood and how many time she will cum before you blow your load.

Don't forget guys, "Blow your load and roll over and fall asleep!" Happens all the time.

Yes there are exceptions to falling asleep after sex. But most men do. Thats it for the night!!!

Give the woman of your dreams the ride to remember, every time she saddles up!!! You will love it too!!!!!!1

Breathing is also needed to live but we wouldn't tell you to stop.

Moving to make your pleasure more passionate or intense is an important building block for your total sexual fufillment. Take anything away from a woman during sex and they will not fullfill their pleasure.

I have been with women that scream louder than "Lassie" in the movie Porky's. What I'm affraid of is being arressted for someone hearing it and thinking I'm beating her up!!!!!!!

Wow, if your sex gets that wild, then you must be doing something Right!!!!!!

Come on gentlemen,

Do You keep your women from the height of their sexual pleasures?????????????????

Let me know how loud they scream because you are hitting all the right buttons!!!!!!!

Let me know how wet they are because they have cum 20-30 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me know they have squirted your cock out of their pussy because they came so hard you could not stay in them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Women, Let me hear from you what you like to do but your lover doesn't want you to!!!!!!!

Let us get all of this out in the open so we can make love and blow each others minds away.

Until we have good communication between us there will be a level of plesure you will not get to....

Lets try to wear every one down to the point where they can no longer continue because they have been making love for HOURS not MINUTES!!!!!!

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