Movie Theater Sex ~ Exciting?  

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3/28/2005 4:09 pm

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Movie Theater Sex ~ Exciting?

We are going to the movie. We sit in the back row. I brought along a blanket, just in case you get cold. You ask to be covered by the blanket. As soon as we are covered your hands begin to explore my body. My hands are exploring you.

We have very little clothes on and what we do have is very loose fitting. Our hands and fingers have total access to the others pleasure zones. Your nipples are hard and my hands are hot. I kiss and nibble your neck and shoulders as you melt in your seat.

Your hands have found my shaft, hard and long. You are teasing me by softly rubbing the tip of my cock. I am excited, you can tell because I am leaking fluid from my cock. You start to work my shaft, but I stop you.

I make you get up and sit in my lap. The show is almost empty with most sitting up front. I move your hot pants to the side and my cock slides deeeeep inside of your sweet, hot pussy. You jam your hips down against mine and grind us together. I feel your muscles tense and twitch. My shaft is bent filling your pussy completely. As you grind us together your pleasure is growing to heights you are not able to control. Your muscles are beginning to spasm. You’re wet beyond your wildest dream as you are dripping onto me. You begin to shudder as I thrust up into your sweetness. As you orgasm I blow my load deep inside you. We collapse in each others arms as the movie ends and the lights come back on.

Tell me your experience in the Theater!

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