How Would You Perform Anal Fore Play?  

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3/31/2005 7:34 pm

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How Would You Perform Anal Fore Play?

You’re speaking of the art of Fore Play.

Most men forget the importance of fore play. Forgetting fore play is like having hot fudge Sunday but forgetting to put the hot fudge on. It just doesn’t Taste the Same.

The are many nerve endings located in and around the annus. Women react differently about having some object inserted into their annus. Some are totally turned off by the mere thought of touch. Many more women are completely convinced anal stimulation leads to a more sensual and stronger

These same women have different excitement values in their stimulation.

Some do not like penetration. They prefer a thumb or finger lubed and used externally only, circling the annus stimulating all of the nerve endings outside the annus.

Others like the combination of the above plus having fingers or even dildos or vibrators inserted and stimulated in that fashion.

Yet others, love a mans cock to be lubed and gently guided into her annus allowing her annus to stretch, engulfing his manhood deep inside her. These women say their orgasms are 3-4 times stronger than vaginal orgasms.

Yet some other women say forget the lube and ram it home is their road to ultimate excitement for them.

What man knows is this.
Whatever a woman wants to make her happy and fulfill her sexual desires, there is a man out there to make sure it will happen.

How Would You Perform Anal Fore Play?

nightstogether 56M

4/1/2005 4:46 am

Changing your question at the end slightly into how *do* I perform anal foreplay. I don't begin at the bottom! Body massage, kissing and licking, stroking and touching and raising all the sensations before moving, damn slowly, ever downwards to finally, gently, lick between the cheeks on the inviting little pink pucker.

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