Do "Older Women Make Better Lovers"?  

leidinhawaii 65M/55F
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3/29/2005 8:41 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Do "Older Women Make Better Lovers"?

I'm 53 yrs old, but I feel and act 40.
I am in better shape now than when I was 40 years old. Ever since I was 18 my thoughts towards sex has never changed.

"Older Women Make Better Lovers"
The same holds true with men.
"Older Men Make Better Lovers"

Of course there is always the exception to the rule!

Young women have tender skin and most are still virgins.
Men fantasize about breaking in a virgin, it makes them a man.

I don't believe that Crap!!!!

I date younger women now because some women my age have lost
their sexual desires and stamina needed to keep up with
me. But my younger women are nowhere close to 19-20 yr old.

I have always been able to out last 90-95% of every woman
I have gone out with. There are no quickies here. A quickie for me
is under 45 minutes when you enjoy sex the way I do.

So I don't date the inexperienced 18-23 years old. I
have much more fun with the more experienced middle age
group of women. 30-50 is the cream of the crop and knows what
they want and how to get it. These women are dripping wet
before any thought of penetration. Foreplay is what makes
these women get off and want more, more and more.

You will never have to teach these women how to do anything
unless they have been tied up in a single marriage since they
got out of high school.

Maybe the topic of this post should be

"Why Do Young Women Prefer Older Men".

Tell me what your preferences are for Women?

Tell me what your preferences are for men?

Don’t hold back, let your heart and feelings pour out and be heard!!

keithcancook 60M
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3/29/2005 10:14 pm

I am with you on that one and prefer the age range you mentioned.

leidinhawaii 65M/55F

3/31/2005 2:54 pm


Are you saying, that men spend to much time moving around while you are on top trying to find those delicate spots of pleasure?


Do the men come to quickly if they are wiggling?

Me, I can wiggle, pump, thrust or stay perfectly still while you are on top. You would have plenty of time to find your hot spots and cum many times over and over and over.

Please clearify what you were saying!

Love it when you talk dirty!!!!!!!!!!

leidinhawaii 65M/55F

4/4/2005 6:09 pm


No woman should be held back from there wants and desires when it comes to sex.

That also includes moving when and how you want too.

Breathing is also needed to live but we wouldn't tell you to stop.

Moving to make your pleasure more passionate or intense is an important building block for your total sexual fufillment. Take anything away from a woman during sex and they will not fullfill their pleasure.

I have been with women that scream louder than "Lassie" in the movie Porky's. What I'm affraid of is being arressted for someone hearing it and thinking I'm beating her up!!!!!!!

Wow, if your sex gets that wild, then you must be doing something Right!!!!!!

Come on gentlemen,

Do You keep your women from the height of their sexual pleasures?????????????????

Let me know how loud they scream because you are hitting all the right buttons!!!!!!!

Let me know how wet they are because they have cum 20-30 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me know they have squirted your cock out of their pussy because they came so hard you could not stay in them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Women, Let me hear from you what you like to do but your lover doesn't want you to!!!!!!!

Let us get all of this out in the open so we can make love and blow each others minds away.

Until we have good communication between us there will be a level of plesure you will not get to....

Lets try to wear every one down to the point where they can no longer continue because they have been making love for HOURS not MINUTES!!!!!!

leidinhawaii 65M/55F

4/21/2005 5:49 pm


I have viewed your profile like so many other men around the world.

Only I seem to be looking at it just a little bit differently.
I have written several articles and stories and blogs that show my interest in focusing on the pleasure of the woman.

In your comments to my blogs and in your profile you tell about having to hold back. Not because you want too but because the man doesnt know how to control himself.

I would be interested in chating or meeting you!
I would go to the extent of traveling to Vancouver.

I beleive the trip would be well worth our meeting and experiencing anything and everything we might do together.

You may remember my testimonial to you!
If not, please read it again.
I am very much interested.

The words "Stop" will Never come from my mouth.


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