Dating Sites are a Sausage Fest!  

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6/21/2005 9:58 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Dating Sites are a Sausage Fest!

So I actually paid money for a gold account. Seems that most women are standard members and don't pay a cent. I went about searching out the local seemingly interested women in my area. Sent about 50 "hey how's it going" type messages.

Got 0 responses. So I was convinced that I'm either ugly or my messages weren't getting through to anyone.

No, I don't have any photos of my member or of me standing somewhere in a revealing position sans clothing. I don't think I really want those spread around! Maybe that's why I got no responses... I considered snapping a few of Mr. Happy but then thought... if a woman really wants me she will probably get to see him anyway. Do I really want someone who is more interested in my dick than my intelligence or sense of humour? Well a nympho might not be that bad...

I figured it was time for a social experiment. I searched the net for an obscure photo of a "babe", cropped the face and created an account for said "test".

The next day I checked the mailbox for this test user and sure enough there were messages from horny guys wanting sex. In fact there were 212 messages! I only read a few to see what the "competition" was saying and they ranged from "hey baby wanna fuck" to wild promises of riches, multiple orgasams, high priced sports cars and 9"-12" long penises.

So amongst this festival of sausages, how does one meet a decent woman? This site seems to focus on 1 nighter type affairs but this really leads me to wonder... Do women really dig this fantasy? I mean what happens when the reported 9" member happens to be near the national average of 6.2 inches?

One guy even claimed to own 4 local car dealerships. Unfortunately I know the owner of one that he mentioned and while she's a very successful person I doubt she's got a 9" penis and is out shopping for a 24 year-old local woman.

How dumb do guys think these women are? How do you explain that once you've met a few times. Hey baby, you know those dealerships I said that I owned? Well actually I work for Pizza Pizza and my 1988 anniversary edition 'vette is actually a 1988 Chevette!

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