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11/21/2005 4:14 pm

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Was listening to the radio tonight and they were talking about people cheating on each other when they are in relationships. This may sound surprising to some of you but i have never cheated on a girl/woman when i've been going out with her. Am i sad? I wouldnt think so. What i am is loyal and faithful. Have i been tempted to cheat? You bet, i don't know a guy that hasn't. But as the saying goes there's no harm in looking. It would have been so so easy on certain occasions and i know i could have gotten away with it too.
I've been cheated on twice to my knowledge. First woman who cheated on me i dumped straight away. Second well we did break up but not right away. We tried to work through it but as much and all as i loved her it was something she began thinking that i couldn't forget. Honestly she may have had a point but i tried my hardest to trust her and leave it in the past but anyone who has been cheated on knows its not that simple no matter how hard you try.
I guess my take on this is, if someone loves you enough they have no reason for cheating and there is certainly no excuse for it.

SincereSiren 41F
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6/28/2006 11:29 pm

Amen! Where are all the good guys?

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