sex..part 1 u remember when....  

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7/26/2006 6:37 pm

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sex..part 1 u remember when....

i thought i would do a little blogg mini series about the first time we all came. remembering the first time we masturbated..gave oral and got laid.

so i guess i will start it off with masturbation.

the first time i masturbated: it was a long time ago i was 12 years old. it was a hot day in july and we were playing baseball and this cute girl was standing by the fence near our dugout all day. she was older than me..not by much.but older

she had on a tube top.short cut off jeans and tube socks. i'll never foget it. all day i was feeling like i was going to explode inside. it was a strange feeling. all day i kept looking at her. i was messing up in the field. i was 1 for 4 at the plate. i just couldn't get over this feeling.

when i got home i took a shower and my cock was thick. i had this feeling when u have a wet dream. i was rubbing the bar of soap on my legs and my cock was hard and was throbbing.i kept thinking of that girl standing by the dugout. i couldn't get over this feeling and then out of nowhere i felt a rush in my body i felt this intense feeling in my cock..i started to cum..not knowing what the hell was happening.

my body enjoyed the felt soooo good!!

after i came i laid in the shower and the water felt good hitting my body.

well that's my story. please join and share if you would like.

as i said... this mini series will continue.

purpletrashcan 51F
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7/27/2006 12:16 pm

I heard a good one the other day...."What percentage of men can suck their own cock?" 30% "What percentage of men have tried to suck their own cock?" 100%! LOL

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