Where is the chivalry?  

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8/18/2005 6:34 pm

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Where is the chivalry?

August 18th 2005

A little bored today, but I am still myself. First of all, to let you guys know, I am probably the only active male at my age to use this website. Of course, people say knowlegdge comes with age. I, however have lived a very long life so far. I mean, there are people here twice my age who act half my age. Why do I know this? There are many women who I stay in contact with who tell me about it. I too am one who gets shot down, but when they say "no" I respect their decision. So I wonder to myself... "Where has the chivalry gone?"

Men, this one is for you. I know a person my age shouldn't be giving out tips to guys twice/thrice my age, but I know what I'm talking about.

1) You are a gentlemen til the first piece of crap you say comes out of your mouth. So no foul, disrespectful, down grading remark. Always greet them with a compliment, but not a compliment of their body parts. IE, "Hello! You look happy today." or on here "Hi! Noticed your profile. You seem like a great person."

2) Don't flaunt your genital hoping to grab a girls attention. If it's your genitals shes looking for, it'll be the first thing she ask for.

3) Treat the older ladies like ladies, treat the younger girls like princesses. (All women should be treated like princesses but some ladies love the mature attention.)

4) Don't act like a child. It tells them that you're after one thing and one thing only.

5) Be real, be yourself and be honest, no body likes an online fake.

6) Keep the unwanted information to yourself. Like I said, if the ladies wanted to know, they would ask you first.

7) Make sure you meet their requirements 3/3. If its 2/3 you gotta put the effort to make it 2/2 or fill the gap! If they dont have a requirement (which I doubt), set the standard high!

Every girl here isn't easy! If they were easy, they wouldn't be here(no insult intended). So try your best to get their attention.

I'm gonna stop on 8... I'm kind of really bored as well... if I get enough feed back from guys I might do more. Remember, that this won't get you laid, and it varies upon different women. These are only tips to help improve yourself if you are willing to take them. You don't have to if you dont want to.

BBWPeachGA 60F

8/18/2005 8:38 pm

Are you sure you're only 18?? Wow. Thank you for taking the time to make such a thoughtful post. I hope many, many people read it.

AtomicKisss 58M

8/18/2005 9:13 pm

Great advise!

LochiPhoenix 36M

8/21/2005 11:30 pm

Good advice, a shame that in this day and age most men and women dont care. I say this because chivalry is dead. Forget online chivalry lets talk about IRL for a sec.
When was the last time you yourself opened the door for an older couple or a woman with child...or hell when was the last time you saw someone else do it?
What about the way women dress? For christs sake i know it is a huge turn on to see women mostly naked (just look at nude mag sales) but for a woman to honestly think that a man should treat her like a lady when she is dressed like a slut is obserd.
As for men ...there arent any true men left just hybrids of what used to be. Corporate tie wearing back stabbing assholes, backwood sheep humping rednecks, gang banging wanna be gun totin' criminal junior high drops outs are all we are left with in this day and age. Sad depressing tomorrows are all that are left in our crystal ball visions.
So how can people really expect that hiding behind a computer screen and keyboard people will magically tap into their mystical hidden code of ethics and honour...if we cant do it in person it wont happen here.
Anyways i have rambled and bitched enough for a day....if you get nothing else from this just remember we need to figure out how to be decent human beings in person before we can become chivalrous online. But hell its gotta start somewhere so why not get going online now. So praises and accolations to the writter of this blog and i hope magically your message can start some new trend of decency amongst people...but i doubt it.

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