I was a hypocrite.  

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8/19/2005 7:48 pm

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I was a hypocrite.

August 19th 2005

Personal Story
I Political Rant

Part 1

I used to be against online dating. I always thought it was very informal to meet someone online and then to actually make time to meet them in person. So I try to influence my younger siblings and discourage their online dating/chatting habits. At the same time, I was also engaging in some online "chatting" habits. MMORPGs as they are called. It's abbreviated for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. This game in particular is Final Fantasy XI (11). It's a great game, but as soon as drama is introduced, it goes to shit. It's also a game for people who have LOTS and LOTS of time on their hands. I will get more into it later.

So back on topic, I met someone online playing this game. However, we have also talked outside of the game. About who we are, what we do, and what are our interests. I ended up falling for her. Never did I meet someone so into the same things as I was. Never did I meet anyone who can challenge my mind and soul. Never did I meet anyone who got my heart pumping and my mind racing. I knew this is the girl I wanted. But was she who she really said she was?

I believe so... She's exactly like me in a way... we both were lonely people in search of light. We were both raised the same way. We have tons and I mean tons of common interests. Our values were the same, our morals alike, and our society were indifferent to change. I think we were meant to be; However, my life never seemed to flow properly. Every amazing woman/girl I would meet, would be stripped from me from events. First one, I moved to help my elderly grandparents. Second one moved out of country being stalked by an ex-lover. Third one... well she is the third one.

I know I have bad timing, even one of my fortune cookies told me. Did I have bad timing with her? Of course, when I'd get off work, she'd still be working. When I get called to work, she'd be free that night. She ends up falling asleep right when my night began. So our timing was never perfect. So finally I am closer to her now, but shes leaving soon. I came east, she's traveling west.

She's a Marine. She is going to be deployed to Iraq for six months. She drives a Humvee for this special forces unit. I pray for her safety til she gets back. She's a Marine, she drives, I keep telling myself she will be back, but I know, that being a Marine, means something close to a 50/50 chance of coming back. She will also be stationed in Bahgdad.

This is probably the #1 reason why I shouldn't prejudge things anymore. Someone has it in for me. I know who you are and I hate you just as much as you do me. We should be friends, but common morals and values are different. Our ideals are the same. Shall I share it with them?

Part 2

OK I know that sounded crazy, but I am 100% sane.

The world is a crazy place, we all know that. There are plenty of pyschopaths, perverts, criminals, thieves, murderers etc in the world. We need less of them and more common sense. Common sense isn't common anymore. Like telling people that you will better their lives, but paying more attention to conflicts overseas. Wanting world peace, but starting a war against a religion/ideal. Calling for safety, but continually sending our husbands, brothers, fathers, daughters, wives, sisters, etc into harm's way for our "freedom". If we sent "the man's" daughter to Iraq to fight another man's ended war, would he agree? HELL NO! He would support his daughter but he will not support this "rebuilding" effort. I bet he loves it when terrorists blow up a mosque, that way his hogies get more money to rebuild it.

The door to peace is right there, everyone is just afraid to open it.

The reason why Iraq can never be controlled by a democracy is because it has to many religious groups with too radical ideals.

Also, from a movie I saw recently. People will not appreciate the freedom they have until they fight for it themselves! Freedom earned by yourselves is much more worthy having than to be liberated by some ass who is interested in making money for his hogies!

This man is a lame duck! He does not know how to represent this country. He is not an American! An American goes to work early in the morning, thinking about his children at the job he dislikes, but has to work because his wage and his wife's wage can barely make end's meat. He comes home exhausted to the bone to his loving family only to turn on the news to find out his brother was killed by the same man who made him lose his job!

The war is over! Why is our family still there? Their country has their own government! Why is our family still there?!
There were no WMDs! Why is our family still there?!
Rebuild the country? What country? You blew it kingdom come!

War happens when two idiots doesnt understand the word "Diplomatic". Their village idiot and our NATIONAL idiot (the village idiot called, he wants his idiot back in the office) decided that their both idiots and played a game of hide in seek. One hid in a hole, the other in an *** hole....

Sorry needed to vent... long blog today... very very long blog...

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