Update on the man front  

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5/15/2006 4:16 am

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Update on the man front

Well, I did promise that I would play catchup & fill you all in on the man front.

First there is Apollo. Apollo is a 26 year old who looks like he's stepped out of a magazine. The man is unbelievably good-looking. And his body is to absolutely die for. Sexy, sexy, sexy man.

He came over and we watched movies and played. Had quite a lot of fun until his allergies to my dog and cats really kicked in. The poor boy was miserable.

Anyway, I would consider Apollo to be a pretty good candidate to work through the kama sutra with. Maybe we'll make it up to the bedroom next time I see him! Then again, I think we might have to move our next rendevous to his place, or he'll need to start stocking up on benedryl.

Next, we have the Braggman. Yum, yum, yum. 6'3" of pure passion. He wanted me to play dressup. He is a heel man so I spent much of the time with him in a micro skirt and thigh high black leather 5" heel boots. (Hehe - he was still taller when I wore them. Not that that's an issue when you're horizontal.) The boots stayed on by the way! Fun, fun, fun! In all seriousness though I had a blast. We really hit it off. Unfortunately he is relocating and I won't be seeing him again. Sigh.

Then there is the Cuddler. Oh, I am so bad. The poor man had been anxious to come visit. Friends of mine and I had a chat room party and were doing shots. I got pretty fucked up and decided to do some drunk dialing. Yes, I did. I called the poor man. I still can't believe he came over. Not the best way to present oneself. Anyway, I have to say this about that. The man is built very similarly to Apollo. He is also an unbelievably proficient lover.

The man came in me. I didn't mind. It was day one of my period. Anyway - the next day he got really somewhat freaked out by it. I reminded him of the little thing called a fertility cycle. It didn't appease him so I ended up getting a prescription for the morning after pill. (Actually I got two but I'll save that story for another day.) Damn that shit's expensive. So our little rendevous cost about 200 bucks between the prescriptions and the overnight delivery charges.

Anyway - between the drunk dialing and the worries about me getting prego - I doubt that he'll be in contact again. Shame too. He is an excellent lover and I more than likely would have pulled my profile.

Then we come to this past weekend. What a fiasco.

Friday night I was stood up. OMFG. I didn't even get stood up in high school. I'm hardly going to tolerate it now. The guilty party has asked that I forgive him. Right now I'm not in a very forgiving mood but we'll see.

Saturday I had a blind date, who turned out to be a real nice guy but UGLY. Front teeth to rival bugs bunny's (which a gap between them no less). UGH.

At this point I'm wondering if I should pull myself off the market and stick to the rabbit habit.

I haven't spoken to Mafia in a while. He's always great for my mood.

Unfortunately, I have spoken to House. I think I decided this weekend that I just don't want anything whatsoever to do with the man anymore. I pretty much said bye to him Saturday night after I got home from the date from hell. House didn't take it well. NOT MY PROBLEM.

Anyway loves - that brings us up to date. Hopefully I will be better at keeping this current so I don't have to write another novel.

BTW - I hate Mondays just as much as I love Fridays. So Bah Hum Bug.

Love y'all & I'll speak to you soon.


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