Busy getting busy  

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3/20/2006 3:53 am

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Busy getting busy

Sorry for not updating the blog over the weekend. I was busy getting busy.

Is she serious? Is she not? Is she serious? Is she not?

She's serious.

There is nothing like 5 hours of intimate playing. Except maybe 6, 7, 8, or 9. Words to the wise - start earlier. As it was, I didn't start until midnight so I was a little tired at 5 AM. I am old you know.

New lover - out of respect I will never use my lovers' names on here. Well - except for Ed. Ed disrepected me. So Ed can go sit on it.

We'll call new lover "Mafia".

There are a couple of reasons I prefer younger lovers and Mafia met both. He's addicted to working out. There is not once inch of fat on that man. He is ripped to hilt. Actually he's ripped past his hilt *S*. Oh my God what a body. A lot of men don't realize that women can be just as critical of a man's looks. We periodically judge people like pieces of meat, just like men do. Well Alexis just got laid buy a Grade A piece of filet mignon - and she liked it.

And he could keep up. The pun was intentional. There was a reason we were UP until 5. It's because he was UP until 5 AM. Stamina is a nice trait in a lover.

He spent the night - well morning. I liked that too, because I do like sleeping up against skin.

Mafia is a doll whom I truly enjoyed and would enjoy seeing again. We'll see what happens.

Anyway - the great dane wants to go out so I'll end this here.

Happy Monday everybody.


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