Your Match this week from AFF  

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4/12/2006 12:47 am

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Your Match this week from AFF

I keep getting these emails from AdultFriendFinder about my matches and they are all wrong, its computer generated bullshit, i even tried one of them, obviously she didn't reply but what really pissed me off was the fact that most of them are far from me, so how are they a math

How could somebody that lives in Glasgow, be a match for me, its like 500 miles from where i am, AdultFriendFinder seriously, its another fucking country.
Am in England that is Scotland.

Fix up!

I dread sending out new emails to member so i have chose ton do it only once a month, i spend about 3 to 5 hour doing it, but the only thin is that a lot of member that have not use their profile in over 6 months should be deleted, its just crowding up the place, WTF, and is another thing you have to look out for when emailing, like emailing some that hasn't been on AdultFriendFinder for 6 months, don't hold your breath on a reply.

My elbow is now killing me, still really pissed about the bike and actually wanna take them to court for it, al depends on what the guy says when i phone him later today to tell him what happened.

I shaved my pubes the other day, because i been using my cock a little too much and the head is a little sore, now that the hair is growing and as my cock moves about in my pants, the head rubs on the shaved part fucking hurts a little.

So much pain this week already and it's only Wednesday, what have i done to deserve this

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