What have i done!  

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5/24/2006 1:47 am

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5/25/2006 10:42 am

What have i done!

No, i didn’t do anything wrong, just that i wasted a whole day/afternoon doing jack shit.
Not having a job will do that to you.

Well i actually just wanked for about 3 hours, stopping whenever i reached the vinegar point and went through 2 full length porn that i just acquired.
My only problem was that i had a few albums i wanted to listen to as well, now windows media player i find is the best for watching movies on my pc as it disables my standby function but also it is the best for playing music too and you cant do both.

I have other players but they are not as efficient.
Winamp freezes - i didn’t want to have to unfreeze it while wanking, it would disturb me

Realone player affects the sound, so what ever volume WMP is will be the same that real one player is too and i like my music louder that the moans and groans in porn films.

DivX player does not disable standby which means i would have to move the mouse every 10 minutes and this will also affect my wanking concentration.

Then i realized i have itunes too, which i got QuickTime player (they come as a bundle), it does the music perfect and WMP can run itself to without affecting each other, so i quickly added my library file and wanked way.

It was a good wank, i hadn’t wanked in abut 3 weeks ( I got 2 very horny women to please that am lucky if i get an erection in between them)

I been to 2 more job interviews so waiting on the results on that, but in the main time i still have my chuaffering job that i do at night.

Last night, i went to pick up my favourite car of all. Range rover, brand fucking new, blacked out windows, fully loaded. I drop the guy off and he tells me to come back in 4 hours to pick them up later, DAMN, I got a Range for 4 hours, then I realised i was in the part of London where i knew no one I can trust to not fuck up the car in any way, FUCK!.

So i chilled in the car, reading, watching TV, playing music loud (as we black folks do) and pretending the car was mine. lol Hit on a few girls that passed by and generally just felt good, am definitely going to buy me on of those no doubt, this car had it all, even the TV on the head rests, had a dvd player in it too (no playstation though which am sure you can connect in some way).

Then I looked in my phone to see who was not too far, and sure enough my friend was about 3 miles down the road at his mates and he told me to come through, so I went.
Dude was fucking impressed with the whip, we drove around town, hitting on women and getting phone number, (the surprise on the faces when I turn up to the date on public transport. lol)

I even watched big brother in it, tacky ass show but had nothing better to do, yesterday was the best day I had in a long time, from doing nothing during the day, wanked for 3 hours after and then went to work and got a range rover to drive around in for 4 hours, it was a good day.
What did you all do?

MissKittyNip26 105F

5/25/2006 9:55 am

"and pretending the car was mine. lol"

ROFL!! I absolutely LOVE that honesty!! That's just too funny though. Anyway, jackin' off for 3 hours?!?! DAMN!! That's a long time.. Well, it sounds like you had quite an interesting day!

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