Wanna get laid on aff?  

ldftb1 35M
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3/11/2006 4:01 am

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3/15/2006 12:16 pm

Wanna get laid on aff?

Everyday i go to the blog's page, i always see a blog with someone bitching that they are not getting anywhere with the ladies on here, at first it was like that for me too, but i listened to the true women that i did speak to and they all had advise for me on how to improve my chances.

Another thing i have found it that it is always women say "this is what you need to do to get more chicks on here" i have never read a man's opinion, therefore am gonna post my own, so if you don't want to read it FUCK OFF.

My system is simple,
1 if she looks too good, then its fake, not saying that real women cannot look that good, its just, if it looks professionally done, then she's a pro.
2 if you are a paying member , then you get to read the profiles in full, see what their ideal partner is and if you think its you, then email, but be honest with yourself, i always follow my first instinct, if i don't think its me, then i wont bother her
3 your mutual match(the green ticks) should be 100/100 or at least 80/100 (i always check for race, age and distance)
4 go for faceless profiles,you get more responses from them, at least i do, and they are not models, sometimes i just skip to faceless/none pictured profiles.
5 keep blogging, its a good way to meet
6 for GOD's sake get a picture up, women will never check you if you don't have a pic, just like us, they want to know that you look descent.
7 accept that not all women that responds will want a shag, maybe just friendship, emailing whatever, just be prepared for rejection, no one is perfect, your ego should never be bigger than your dick.lol
8 once you have a pic up, look in the "who is viewing me" page, and find out if their profile matches yours, if it does , then email them
9 before sending an email, check when last she was online, if it is more than 3 day, has a decent pic that doesn't look fake, then chances are she will have been bombarded with emails therefore the chances of her reading.replying to yours is even lower, so add her to your hotlist and comeback another day.
10 I never send a dirty email, even if she put all sorts of filth on her profile, i just keep it simple, not more than 3 lines, no woman wants a life story on the first email.

AND LASTLY, for GODS sakes have Patience

anyways, thats just my thoughts.
good night and good luck

meallalone56 67F

3/11/2006 5:08 am

that's a fact...lol....after being on here only one week i got over 60 emails and 100 winks...and that's with no picture and nothing in my profile. this site is a hoot.

MissKittyNip26 105F

3/11/2006 8:17 am

Great advice for the fellas!!! Now.. WILL they all listen is the question...lol..

diamondhunter7 55M

3/12/2006 11:34 am

Good system!! You have a system and you stick with it. You have to have a system, especially at my age (lol). It is a little though on AdultFriendFinder for guys since the ratio is about 12 to 1, guys to girls. I also think there are some "pros" on here too, no doubt. Ever since I came here, I have been flooded with anonymous e-mails from girls from professional sites, webcam girls, etc., etc.

rm_ghatotkocha 45M
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3/13/2006 1:22 am

With a throbbing dick, it's hard to keep up with the patience bit, but appreciate your advices - they are good and I'm sure they work good.

rm_AnOddGirl 57F
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3/13/2006 8:27 am

Thank you. I can only hope more men pay attention to your system !


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