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5/18/2006 12:42 am

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So am coming from work and the bus rolls up next to me, bus driver comes out and says "someone shit on the bus", am like what you mean, he tells me that he has to terminnate at that stop as someone (i would asume it was a guy as i dont see women doing that kinda shit, literally) shit on the bus and ran out, WTF!
Why would anyone do that? BTW, wasnt there others on the bus too, how did he pull his trousers down and take a shit without anyone noticing, until the smell started to stink out the bus or something, can you imagine being on that bus and a guy pulls down his pants and starts to shit next to you, what would you do, am not even sure i know, but he wont be finishing that shit next to me.

Saw zahuma2 and thought he must get a lot of attention.

MissKittyNip26 has a freind that wants to get closer to her at the momnet and is questioning her about other men but she aint feeling the questions, but i find that i question my goomah about other men too and really dont like it, i dont mind her talking and going out with them but not having sex with them, it would put me off sleeping with her, i really cant do a woman that i know for sure has just had sex with another man like last nite or 2 days earlier, its just off putting, it would be like am sucking his dick when i kiss her.
Goomah said she isn't doing anyone else at this point and is content with me doing her when ever i can and that is cool but do feel a bit guilty about it especially as i have a woman too.
She text me last night while i was at work, she was drunk and horny and was telling me what she was doing to herself with 2 fingers, needless to say i going to see her looks like a possible 69, 68,78 and a whole lot of other numbers are on the agenda.

On other news, i been trying to find a full time JOB, my eyes hurt from viewing so many jobs and have sent out God knows how many CV, but i did have an interview with MSN yestarday, yes thats right, microsoft, they like my CV and the interview went on for 50 minutes, that had to be the longest inteview i been to, nornally it is 20-30 minutes for me but it seem we had a whole lot to talk about so fingers crossed for me on that one. Should find out within 2 weeks if i get the job, am kinda sceared though, i will be managing about 25 people in the FM team, shitting myself (but not on busses)!

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5/18/2006 5:09 am

Shittin' on the bus is absolutely crazy!!! I don't know what I would do if I witnessed somethin' like that!! I wonder though if it was purposely or couldn't be helped. I remember one time when I ate somethin' crazy and then went shoppin'.. I was in a dressin' room when it hit me!! I didn't think I'd be able to hold it!! I actually sat on the bench and cried.. 'cause I thought I was just gonna have to shit in one of the articles of clothing I had and somehow explain shit (literally) to the workers there!! LOL! It was the MOST AWFUL feeling!! Thankfully.. I was able to pull it together to the point that I just ran out the dressing room (left my purse), told a worker as I ran out that I had an emergency and would be right back, and then ran down to a bathroom about 6 stores away! When I came back, they told me that they thought I was tryin' to steal the clothes I put until they noticed I had left my purse. ANYWAY, so.. I wonder if that was the case for the guy on the bus...LOL! 'Cause to purposely shit on a bus is fuckin' crazy!

Well.. you're a hypocrite (lol).. you wanna be able to fuck 2 people, but she can't.

And.. I'm crossin' my fingers for you!!!

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