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6/14/2006 10:20 pm

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Pimp my ride

WEll i gots me a new ride Audi A3 1.9TDI Stick shift as i couldn't find a automatic diesel(valued at £17,000 thats like almost $35000, bought it for less than half that.) crazy but nice fucking car, not too small and apparently very economical. I had to get a car and the finance cock sucker were wasting my time so i went to a local dealer and got that from them.
Haven't even driven it for more than a mile yet, so today, i will take it to work, then going to hereford tonight (it fucking far from london) so that should help me blow away any cobwebs still stuck on the engine.lol.
I need new alloys though the original 16" is way too small, it got suede upholstery, tape and 6 CD changers so the journey shouldn't be boring, full climate control and NO FUCKING SUNROOF (i hate them). i will christen it with READY TO DIE. In all my cars, the first album i play is always by biggie.(RIP)
The car is silver and so is my other car, GF is pissed off i bought silver, but i believe silver is a very sale-able colour (in case i dont like it, i can easily get rid of it, but am feeling the way it drives for now). I even went and bought a tom tom, the 510 so i have new toys to play with.

I worked out that i have spent £10,000 in 2 fucking days, my account is totally drained, cant wait till pay day only 2 weeks away, not sure how i will survive it, sponge off goomah (she feeds me well)!!

It's fucking 5.50am, cant sleep as my hay fever(yes am a sufferer and nothing works to keep it at bay), so i got up to read blogs and write one as am working and way too busy this weekend.

Goomah came over to my house on tuesday and we went to look at the car, (she liked it too), she ended up staying the night which was totally unplanned, so i had to keep phoning my GF to see if she was coming and try and put her off coming, which i manage to do, but the dilemma was that i dont phone her too much or else she might get suspicious as she know i dont call that often. i lied that i was going to bed early and was gonna lock the door from the inside so she cant get in once am asleep and wont be able to wake me, i dont know how the hell she fell for it but she did.
Obviously Goomah was very happy as it was really too late for her to be taking train home (i didn't have a car yet).
I told her i didn't want to fuck but she started sucking my dick and we ended up fucking for like 1hour which was good but shortened my sleep as i needed to be up by 5AM.

It's weird seeing people wake up in the morning(goomah) especially so early, she just looked confused, cause i wake anytime and just sort of focus my shit, i dont really sleep much (sleep is for the dead) but she really did look confused, i had to almost drag her to shower cause she wasn't sure what she needed to do.
i know people that can sleep 12hours straight, WTF, thats like hibernating mehn, gimme 5 hours and am good to go! but not after fucking though, shit drains a n****r out, so i try to avoid fucking if i have to be up early.

On the work front, it has been ok, but am in the office for the last time today and then on the road and on sites for the next 1 month so very happy with that.

I did get some of my results from university and am not fucking amused, i didn't fail but my grades are lower than expected so i will be ranting to somebody over the phone today about them.

Oh and i sold my bike *sniff sniff*, i didn't want to but i cant really keep it as i could do with the money and wont have time to ride it.

Well that has been my weeks rambling, any more shit happens and i will blog it if i get the time.

Please remember to give somebody a hug today as you may never see them again, oh and stay off the chems.lol

MissKittyNip26 105F

6/15/2006 12:06 pm

Congrats on the car!! But.. "booo" on the Biggie choice..lol. Anyway, that's a damn shame your girlfriend is THAT damn stupid.. a bitch like me woulda been camped out in my car somewhere just waitin' for you and your OBVIOUS overnight guest to pop out in the mornin'..LOL! And, it seems we had a common night.. 'cause I also had company, but didn't really want sex.. though it just happened. And.. I'm laughin' at ya' goomah.. 'cause I'm the SAME way.. I'm NOT a mornin' person, so I can relate!! I hope ya' have a good weekend!!!

ldftb1 replies on 6/16/2006 9:00 am:
oh please, every rapper knows that biggie was and still is the rapper ever. Well what girlfriend dont know wont hurt right?

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