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7/12/2006 2:39 pm

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On Point

We played so crazy games while away on holiday, some of which included the following list, we got points added or deducted for each thing depending on what it is, now some of these things were hard to do, for example getting a snog withing 30 sec of meeting a chick. A lot of these were ofcause childish and the worst thing was that you didnt actually get much points for shagging, its was how you got the shag that you got awarded for.

Your hair colour must be another colour other than black (we are all black guys)
Snog a size 20+ girl (no offence to size20+ ladies)
Get a rep
Sex in a club toilet
Spend 3 hours on a girl with no result (crash and burn)
3 Some
Do Kareokee
Get 2 different girls in one day
Shag a size 20 plus 9once again no offence)
Keep a pair of knickers
Get a picture of a girls pussy
Pull a minger (must be agreed on by group that she is ugly)
Entering back seat of police car
Pull on the first night (so from 3am or 4am when we land)
Spend 2 consecutive nights with the same girl get points deducted (Unless agreed by all cause shes fit)
Not getting a snog on holiday
Not getting any sex on holiday
Get some during the day (can't be with previous shag)
Get a shag
Spend night with girl but no sex
Get girl to kiss your zip
Get girl to kiss your bum
Snog a girl within 30 secs of meeting her
Pull a 9/10 ratings chick
Get a girl to flash her tits to the boys
Get a girl to flash her ass to the boys
Get a girl to flash her pussy to the boys

The most point of cause was entering the back of a police car (140 points) as the greek police are not know for their sence of humour, needless to say none of us succeded in that (thank Goodness!!)
The one about snogging a size 20 was cruel as no fat chick wants to be made as an example or even been seen as an easy lay so none of us succeded in that too, not that we tried hard.

I did however find a size 16 chick, snogged her in 30 secs and tried to pass her off as a size 20+ and even promised to shag her (she really wanted me she said) if she went to my friends and told them that she was a size 20, needed less to say she didnt agree to it(guess she didnt want me that badly.lol), no woman on this earth will agree to say that she is 4 sizes bigger than she is unless there was some sort of financial gain with it.

One thing i did find hard again was getting a girl to kiss your zip or bum, chicks are actually more willing to flash their tits/ass than kiss yours arse

There was more but cant remember the rest.
Anyways am tapped out, will write some more bullshit about my holiday as i remember them
the pic is of a chick that all my 5 friends all fingered and snogged but not at the same time, withing 24 hours of each other. I was moving to her then one of them said that she grabbed his dick and tried to pull him behind the speakers in the club to fuck the previous night and i was like what the fuck? Hell nah.
Herpes alert!!!!
She did have a very pretty face and a cute ass though.

MissKittyNip26 106F

7/12/2006 3:41 pm

LOL.. sounds crazy!! And ya' killin' me with all the lingo.. I just had assume what the hell you're talkin' about.. LOL!!

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