It's will rub away  

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4/9/2006 7:24 am

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It's will rub away

well over the last few weeks, i have been having what i call stolen moments with my goomah, by the way the pic i posted and yesterdays pic was of her servicing

The girl loves to suck cock, and i like to receive, but it doesn't get me off as much as i enjoy to go down, now ain't that some shit.
am still yet to meet a woman that can suck me off to the extent that i would not want her to stop.
i have seen her at least twice a week and each time it has been marathon sex, am completely drained, so much so that when i get to work, i start to fall asleep, she just cannot get enough of dick (which raises the issue of "she might be also getting it else where")
me being the jealous type, i go to hers and try and leave her completely satisfied but, who am i kidding, she is in satiable WTF

i think every man would love to have a woman that they can say they completely satisfied her and she is ok when they leave.
am kinda use to women that when they nut, they want to stop for a moment or even stop totally, that is once i have nut also, but damn, yesterday, we fucked for 2 hours, she nut God knows how many times, i nut once, we go and eat and she starts again, OMG, no way my dick will get up, especially as i already had sex with the G.F like 5 hours earlier. my cock is sore again now if it was an eraser, it would rub away and only be an inch long now

its been a totally new experience for me i must say, she asks me what i like and i have to admit, i thought i knew myself well and knew what i liked, but now, am not so sure i do, naturally she is only too willing to explore and help me find

Now back to work, my thesis is due in 2 weeks and all this sex is keeping my mind very clear indeed, when i wake up, am no longer horny, i just sort of do my work which i guess is a bonus!

MissKittyNip26 105F

4/9/2006 10:06 am

Well, I am entirely too jealous! I wish I had someone as available as you.. BTW, I put 2 new pics on my profile (ass and I guess we'll get caught up on shit whenever you get some time..

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