Half way point  

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5/26/2006 3:32 am

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Half way point

I have finally reached halfway to the hundredth blog, i first started Blogging out of boredom in November , i wasn't even using AdultFriendFinder, i just stumble upon it in my search for free porn then ended up paying cause i thought it is actually cheap.

Most people blog 2/3/4 times a day but i find that they just copy and paste shit they find off the net, not that that is wrong (it fucking is.lol) but its a lazy way of being popular on here, i guess by december i might reach 100, yay!!

Sometimes i want to blog twice when i remember something, but i normally just edit the previous one or just wait till the next day, and sometimes am too busy to even blog, like i will probably be once i start my new job (which is in june) yay!!

If i do go to a blog and it is a story that was written like out of a book or some article, i never read it (unless it is about race), i just hit the back button, but blogs about people's live always gets me, it doesn't have to be about sex, just their opinion on whatever, it shows effort and that should always be given priority to lazy ass blogger trying to get their profile on the actively watch blog.

Speaking of race, got quantum leap playing behind me (they show the episode in the mornings over here in the UK), and this time is a Japanese women getting treated badly in americas 1960's, the ignorance of people back then really gets to me, if i was born then, i know i would have been hung on one of those timberland trees. Oh how my bloody boils on this issue.

I also have a habit of going to other peoples blogs and provoking them with some statements that i make on their blog, and normally get shot down for it, i love that shit, they all end up bashing me verbally, it just goes to show that people like to write what they think but don't like it when you disagree with them, i think it's called a difference of opinion assholes.lol

Anyways, am glad i made it half way to the big OO's, hope i make it the other 50, well 49 now.

oh, if you ain't got shit to say, then don't say shit, Blogging one liners and posting it 14 times a day is a waste of web space assholes!!!

Now that that is off my chest, i am off to watch some porn, i got to enjoy my last days of doing jack shit!

Just gonna say hi to silkditty, thanks for the comments, and not forgetting my lovely MissKittyNip26 love ya.

MissKittyNip26 105F

5/26/2006 10:00 am

LOL! I feel ya' on the copy/paste shit from the Internet! I checked out someone that at first I thought he was writin' his OWN shit, then I figured out he wasn't.. I took him off my watch list. I like originality! Have fun watchin' ya' porn.. I think I may do the same in a little bit!! And.. thanks for the shout out!

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