Great sex part 2  

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4/25/2006 12:59 am

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4/26/2006 12:06 am

Great sex part 2

Went to goomah last nite and got some seriously good sex again (see yesterdays blog), she had been sick for days so we didnt fuck. text her later to tell her it was good and she text me back saying it was damn good, so am kinda happy with of

I have seen her for 4 days in a row but we have only fucked once in those 4 days, guess we are actually better friends than i imagined, she is feeling better which is good as well.

My cock is kinda tired now from all the sex and i need the rest... i can concentrate on school work now....

When we finished fucking, i could tell she was in a better mood, i guess orgasms can put a woman in a good mood, i just wanna lay there and sleep, but women sort of get up and go, they feel revitalized or some shit, but it was good knowing that i put the smile on her face. We first fucked until she nut on my dick, i love that shit, then i went down on her after we rested a bit and she nut again this time while i was chowing on her, and thats my cue to nut too.
I require at least 2 nuts before i have to get mine too, one on the dick and one on the tongue, but not necessarily in that order, i left shortly after though, had to pick up the G/F, and was praying that she didnt want to fuck, no way i was gonna get it up for her too.
I ran to bed immediately as she was on the phone, she was like why u so tired, i didnt answer, couldn't think of a lie
oh, i got a job offer yesterday and turned it down, the money wasnt that great, i was on more before i went to college, now am leaving with a degree i feel that i should ask for either the same or more, not bloody less, or am i been greedy?

MissKittyNip26 105F

4/25/2006 6:28 pm

Yeh.. I wouldn't settle for bullshit money! Wait until the right thing comes. And.. I am sooo jealous of your goomah (that is the funniest word to me). I wish I had a fuck-friend like you.. #36 is the closest like you, but because he lives so far away it sucks. Anyway.. again.. happy for ya'!

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