Friends With Benefits  

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3/23/2006 10:30 am

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4/6/2006 2:45 am

Friends With Benefits

wow, been so busy getting some that i aint had the energy to

remember the new lady i was talking about in my last 2 blogs School and A Great Meet.

well she read my last blog LADIES!! how well do you receive head? (on monday) and then emails me to say that she was feeling kinda hot after reading it and can she come over...(this was after we already said that we would meet up on wensday. So i phone her and tell her to come on up to my yard. at this point i am kinda nervous...she lives like 30 miles from me so its a bloody long journey to make and not get some.

7.00pm - she gets to my house, we kinda first chilled, went on of AdultFriendFinder) where her profile actually is, which i didnt know, i just question her on why her purtiy score is kinda too PURE so we start to tick the boxes that were previously unticked and well lets just say she is no longer

8.30pm after that we just sit down and start to fool around, shirts come off, jeans come off knickers come off and before you can say Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, my face is buried between her legs and she is misbehaving...(bear in mind that she has read my blog on how i like women to behave when i go down on them), got her on her knees and just carried on finger popping that wet pussy, i must have eaten her for about 30 minute, she nut a few times and then it was my turn. she had a boxing glove to truly behold.

She tried to suck my middle name out of me, thats how intense she was, wooooow, pure lust i tell you pure lust, then we proceded to fuck for some time all while still in the livingroom.

10.00pm - i notice that its past 10, there's a program i wanna watch so she gets off me and we start watching the show but instead of both watching it she procceds to lick my dick again, she loves giving head i swear it. lets put it this way, i had to watch the rerun the next day.

11.00pm - we move to the bedroom and to make we fucked for another hour and 30 minutes, damn, i didnt even know i had it in me. then fall asleep

4.00am - she wakes me up by sucking on my finger and we go at it again this time till 6.30am, it was daylight, her pussy was still wet, my cock was still hard but she had nut a few more times and i fured she dont have to be up till 8am so will have to have a quickie before that time, so we slept for another hours, i woke her up with my tongue between her still wet boxing gloves pussy, and shagged her right till 8am. the alarm went as i nut, talk about arriving on time
then she left for work and i went back to bed with my black cock looking rather pink

well that was monday night and what a night it was, i went to her place on wensday as planned and we just chilled, got naked did a little bit of this that and the other but didnt have a repeat of monday as she was ON, i did use her rabbit on her, which was a new experince for me, watching her shake and moan. she then sucked me till i nearly bled, she used this oil (she was very sensual i must say) on me that had me shaking like i was in a fit. i had to go to work so could not stay the night but i cannot wait till our next encounter.
i guess we are what she calls friends with benefits F.W.B

well to all those guys that haven't had any luck on here, just hang on and keep trying.

MissKittyNip26 105F

3/23/2006 2:11 pm

MMM, MMM, MMM.. I just love the juicy details!!! She's a lucky bitch..

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