A good friend & Sexy Reps  

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6/25/2006 3:33 am

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A good friend & Sexy Reps

"A good friend will come bail you out of jail....

But a true friend will be sitting next to you saying ....

WE screwed up, but we had fun!"

Thats what goomah sent me, so guess we might be going to jail soon.lol
Nah just kidding, it seems that it is national friendship week and am reading my emails and came across that quote in one of her emails to me, but i really cannot be bothered to send emails like that to other people, maybe cause i dont want to receive them myself, which in a way is bad, as the person "cared" enough to send it so all i can do is just forward it back to them.

But on a serious note, i may end up in jail for real this coming week. Am going on a LADS holiday, six of us are going to terrorise the ladiez in Greece. Been there already 5 times, basically every year for the past 5 years but a different island each time, but this time we are visiting Malia again. One of the things that gets you maximum points is jail time. Yes we do have a scoring system. The winner gets 200Euros so its serious fucking business.lol

The only reason am going there is to find out if i still got the pulling power i had there 2 years ago. Am not one to brag about how good i am in bed but daaaammmmnnnn there was this chick that kept coming back for more, she fucking stalked me every night.

I actually was going to fuck a rep (now most british lads main goal on holiday is to shag a sexy rep, that way you get maximum points).... anyways back to the story, the rep and i had been flirting every night as myself and my 8 friends walked past her, so finally i decided to just try and pull her on the last night which she was well up for.
I went back to meet her after work and we went to a club and we just heavy petted in a corner in the club, i finger fucked her etc.... but she had told me that a she had been watching me for a few nights now and always saw that one chick coming onto me every time, even if i was with another chick, so i told her that she got GOOD dick and wants more.

This was my last night and i so very much intended to shag, even if it was a chick i had had before, before me and the rep chick went to the club, she had already told me that she had to drop her friend at the airport so we couldn't shag until later that day, seeing as she had my cock in her hand when she told me, i had no reason not to believe her, she took my phone number and we petted a bit more then i walked her to her hotel, she had given instructions on how to get to her room (malia has a strict rule about both sexes been in a room), you literally had to bride or beg the security of the hotel to let your willing victim for the night into your room. I begged, i ain't paying for pussy.lol

No sooner had the rep gone that the chick that was stalking me appeared like from nowhere, she just sort of tapped my shoulder, so i ended up going to shag her, which i didnt mind, it was my last night. She had a great ASS, i stole my cousins baby oil and rub it on her ass, White girl was so shocked at how much i loved her ass that she wanted more and was even beginning to like her big ass her self. She did have the figure 8 body and was a very nice girl, she could even sing, but yo, i ain't trying to have a bloody relationship on the island. I did take her phone number and even got to tap that ass one more time when i got back to london, she came to my house, but then after that i left the country and went to the states so we lost contact.

Now i had not forgotten the rep and was still expecting her call and i got it too, but i so stupidly got high and fell asleep.Am useless when am high, have to sleep. When i woke up she had text me like 4 hours earlier and because i had my phone in my suitcase (i was high so knew i couldn't look after my phone so put it in my case so i dont loose it).

I was major pissed, she had a killer boxing glove pussy, i was so looking forward to it. I went to see her just before the coach(bus) came to pick us up and she was like "i just shaved my legs, feel it, i would have sucked you dry".

It was a good holiday and i so hope that it is even better this time round, we have 2 new lads going with us and they both are so pussy hungry, you would think they spent the last 10 years in jail....and these niggaz are always good cause they sort of make you stay on top of your shit, especially as these chicks like to walk in pack, so we are there to BREAK them up.

Anyways, am out, might post on some more holiday shit, i have five years worth of story to tell, i even got caught(on video by my GF). But that will be another post.

Now please look to your left and right and if you dont see anyone next to you, please rub one

MissKittyNip26 106F

6/25/2006 9:36 am

LOL.. sounds like a FUN yearly vacation!!!! I wanna cum too!!

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