10 Turn on's/perfect film  

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7/15/2006 5:52 am

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10 Turn on's/perfect film

This is my second post today, i cant belive it.
Anyhoooo, i wanna talk about my turn ons and fetishes.

They are very weird (not that weird) and the thing is that i would not neccesarily carry out these as they are quite contradictory to what i belive but watching them sometimes (in a film) gives me a woody.

1) Hairy pussies - so many men are opposed to this but i actually dont mind, am not talking ridiculous hair everywhere, but the odd hair sticking out of the panties i find can be a turn on sometimes (if am in the mood), and also depending on what the pussy itself looks like, some pussies are so ugly that you need hair on it to cover it up a bit, but i do hate when there is so much hair that it gets in the teeth when am going down cause i go down for a long time and lick everywhere, guess that is the advantage of having a shaved pussy to eat.

2) Pregnant women - now dont get me wrong, i would never sleep with a woman that is pregnant (unless it is my baby) but once in a while i might stroke off to a pregnant woman getting hammered from behind!

3) I love to watch women peeing, I actually like seeing the pee coming out of them, I dont want to touch it or anything like that, but it has been known to give me a woody! (goomah knows this)

4) As i stated in my last post, i do love MILF's, I look at a milf and just think, "this woman has been there done that, got the T-Shirt", though this may not be true but i can dream right! She will fuck you silly and then cook you a perfect english breakfast (yeah right)!

5) Big natural lactating titties, once again i have stroked one off to a movie or two of women lactating. I think i would like to taste some breat milk at some point in my life.lol

6) Chix wit Dix - notice how i spelt that, it is so wrong that i cant bring myself to spell it right, especially as am anti-gay. But the difference is that i only get turned on watching a chik wit dik fucking another woman (i dont watch 2 guys fucking, i just find that repulsive).

7) Really pale white women with very pink pussies, it is such a fucking turn on, cause the colour contrast of my BLACK dick glisterning in her PINK pussy is just fucking awesome. I could just watch a pair of legs spread out like a Rainbow with a perfectly shaved pink pussy in between them. See i like shaved pussies on pale white women.

A woman matubating herself, fucking love it, i am yet to find a woman that will happily play with herself without involving me, just let me watch.PLLLEEEAAAASSSEEE! A nice big dildo jamming that wet hairy pink boxing gloved pussy (if you dont know about boxing glove then check this out Pancake Vs Boxing gloves), then taking it out, licking it, and continuing with just your fingers. I must have seen shit loads of secret cam videos of women stroking one off, totally unaware of their surroundings, just letting go of all their inhibitions, fucking great. OMG (i think i need a stroke before i continue)

9) 10 mins later lol...Oral sex, though i love going down and naturally recieving, i also love watching it. I really rate/love watching guys that can give head to a woman, the type of head that makes her head spin. I have seen films where the woman is just moaning and you can see it is fake, but some where the guy is doing it correctly and the woman forgets she is in a film. I like a woman to just sit on my face Literally and let me go to work on her and love seeing that in films too. Vice versa - i love watching blowjob scenes, i have seen some that is truly magnificent, where the woman deserves extra pay. Not just slobbering on it but actaully sucking the soul out of the guy and making his toe curl, That kind of head giving skillz takes time to perfect (My GF does that by the way, makes me wonder if she has been practicing elsewhere?)

10) CREAM PIES are DA SHIT if you dont know what it is GOOGLE IT!!!
Nah just kidding, forget nutting in her mouth, tits, ass or anywhere else, its all about geting it inside her and then she pushing it out and letting it drip out, that is like the grand finalle for me in a porn film!

So imagine this film, the perfect porn film for me would be -

A chik wit dik (CWD) fucking a pregnant(not heavily though) pale skined white woman with hairy or totally shaved pink pussy (fuck the brazilian strip bullshit), she lactates on the CWD. The CWD strokes off while watching the pregnant chick fuck herself with a dildo, then joins her, the pregnant woman gets on top, siting on her face, then she turns around and blows the CWD to kingdom CUM, they then proceed to fuck for about 15 minutes in different positions (am not bothered about positions, all are good.lol).
The pregnant woman finally gets on her back on the edge of the bed, CWD fucks her and gives her a cream pie.

Then the pregnant woman gets up and goes for a pee and you can see both the cum dripping down as well as the pee.

10/10 for that film i would think.

Now if anyone reads this and decides to produce/direct this film, i will have to charge for the storyline, lol.

Picture attached is of this chick i met at a beach party, she looked right moody until i turned up, this is the pose she gave me when i was leaving! Dirty bitch i think!
I like dirty bitches

MissKittyNip26 105F

7/15/2006 8:35 pm

ROFLMFAO at your ideal porno!!! DAMN.. you's a freaky lil' somethin'.. I'm in love with you (lol)!!

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