Genetics and parenthood  

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5/27/2005 8:55 am

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Genetics and parenthood

One thing that I do in my profession is to represent parents in juvenile court when the State takes the kids out of their home for neglect/abuse issues. According to our laws, all the parents are entitled to have separate representation (to avoid conflicts of interest, of course). So... who does that include? Could be:

The biological mother
The biological father
The woman who gave birth to the child for another couple
The man who donated sperm to the sperm bank
The adoptive step father
The adoptive step mother
The woman who donated her eggs

Can you see how it can be confusing? And I am sure there are others as well...

Next, I will go posting about the abuse/neglect kinds of things that get people in trouble...

Tom Out

wyvernrose 38F
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5/28/2005 2:20 pm

there is also Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, God parents, they are all people who can and do step in as guardian in a child's life....

someone once asked why gay marriage is such a nightmare.......isn't the list of people able to be recognise as a significant person in a child's life thereby having an interest in the childs welfare already nightmare enough without further complicating it....

Childsupport works on a there can only be 2 parents concept

Residency works on the basis of if you show that you are a signifcant person to the child and not having the continued relationship with the child would NOT be in the childs best interests,

bam smack whallop you can get your own court stamped contact order, think about how many people have ongoing contact with your child everyday or even at least once a week.....wether the childs parents 'like' you or not....

These people can then apply for child support from Both the parents to support the child while they are with them in accordance with the contact order....

scary huh!

They can even request that the court make stipulations in regards to religion and some teachings particularly if you have associations which the 'parents' don't approve of, in order that the child not be educated by their parents to disapprove or develop disgust at your associations....


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