If only it were warmer now.  

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1/16/2006 9:49 am

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If only it were warmer now.

One of my fantasies is to be with a woman in the warm rain on a hot summer night. I can imagine sipping wine out on the evening deck with a slight breeze blowing coming in ahead of the pending rain. Nancy and I are talking about things in general and commenting on the breeze cooling us off. It gets darker between the rain and the night setting in, only the light from inside shines out on the deck.

Slowly sprinkles start to fall and we welcome them as they hit our bodies and ease the warmth of the night. The rain builds but we don't mind because going inside means just being muggy, as the air condition has given in to the heat as well. We begin to laugh and giggle as we get wetter and our glasses of wine become diluted from the rain.

My blouse becomes heavy with water as it sticks to my body accentuating all of my curves. I notice Nancy staring at my wet breasts and I all of a sudden take notice of her body as her drenched clothes caress her every movement. Seeing her like this, in a whole new light and feel that she has the same thoughts turns me on. I slowly pull at the edge of my shirt from around the neckline as if I were going to slide it off. Almost instinctively she comes closer and begins to unbutton my blouse and expose my bare breasts as I have nothing on underneath. She leans in and our lips meet with one of the softest kisses I have ever known.

I shudder from both the moment and the rain as I reach up to hold her breast in my hand. No words are spoken, only the intense look in our eyes as our hands begin to freely roam each other’s body. She removes my blouse and then, holding my hips, lifts me to stand in front of her as she removes my shorts, dropping them to deck quickly as the weight of the water makes a thud as they hit. My heart is racing wildly as her breath hits my stomach and I stand there in front of her in only my panties, the rest of my body covered in rain, droplets rolling down the curves.

I look down at her nervously and see her smile up at me, there is a light in the distance from inside that allows me to see her emotion and lust. Without hesitation she tugs on my panties and glides them down my legs, resting her face along my thigh as they are placed atop my feet. She pulls me back down to the chair I was in and pushes me backwards with my hips up towards her body, my panties dangle on my left foot as she parts my legs. Nancy begins to kiss my knees and work her way up my inner thighs. My hands grasp my own breasts as I am feeling something I never have before as the rain continues to pleasure my body even more with every drop.

Her lips linger on my moist lips, both from the rain and the build up of anticipation from within. All of a sudden I feel her hands caress up between my legs and part my pussy lips, I gasp at the touch. Gently she runs her tongue along the edges and then in between. Her tongue wonders all over my cunt and then is drawn to my clit where she begins to flick her tongue wildly making me cry out.

The rain intensifies as does her licks and I thought I was about to have an orgasm when she entered her fingers into my wet pussy, thrusting them in and out and she began to suck on my clit. My moans got louder, only muffled by the pounding rain. The build up from within became increasingly intense until all of a sudden it was as if I had frozen in time but only for a moment. The orgasm ran through my body and down into my toes as I cried out for her to stop.

At once, she grabbed my cheeks and drew me even closer into her face between my legs as she devoured my soaking cunt from the juices she had helped to produce. I was writhing and bucking begging her to stop but knowing too it was the best pleasure I have had. She only gripped tighter as she cleaned every drop out of me, tears running down my face from the pleasure but unknowingly because the rain was mixed in.

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