Am I from Venus?  

lasciviousnurse 63F
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8/17/2005 6:25 am

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5/26/2006 11:19 pm

Am I from Venus?

Sometimes, when I contemplate on the human body I am grossed out.....and I am a nurse !
The noises, the smells, the secretions, the waste, uuuggghhh! GROSS !
Perhaps I once was alien, and preferred that body to this one.
The best parts of the human body ?

The brain....and how smart some people wonderful is that !!!!

The lips and mouth (when clean and in good repair).....because kissing is such a nice, nice thing.

The eyes...because they tell people so very much about you and they can be so very sexy !

The that soft, silky, shiny healthy hair.

Am I the only one uncomfortable in my own skin ?

Perhaps I should have chosen a occupation working with machines uh?

Actually, I am a very good nurse and love what I do............

talk to you tomorrow...........

AlbertPrince 58M

8/17/2005 8:02 am

I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather: Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car ...

yourkiss 62M
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8/29/2005 2:08 am

The "joke" AlberPrince joke is no joke. It is a sick, twisted remark made by a fool. Ask any firefighter. Death jokes are not a joke. Perhaps AlbertPrince needs to get a wish come true: May the fleas of a thousand camels infest his body. And may his hands be bound, so he cannot scratch.

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