The Awakening of Adrian  

lascivious1975 41M
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4/29/2006 10:05 am
The Awakening of Adrian

So last night, I met up with Adrian, a fetching and randy single mom....the guys from MILF Hunters would be proud. I endured hours of boorish television drama before finally being able to close the deal. But when I did...or should I say when she Talk about fireworks! We moved to the bedroom around midnight, where and when she wrapped her luscious lips around my engorged member. With wanton abandon she began sucking and licking as though she could not satiate her wicked hunger. Who was I to object? Despite the adept skill and generous attention she paid to the enchanteed flute, I had to flip her around and taste the sweet nectar of that tight little honey pot for myself. More details to follow...just thinking about the night I had is getting me a little excited again, and I need to take a break....maybe abuse myself for a little while....don't worry, I'll finish the story later.

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