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3/1/2006 4:27 pm

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4/18/2006 4:07 am


I just want to ask people in the irish room. WHY ALL THE FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!! why is everyone leaving why is all the fun gone from the room why all the bitching? what happened to all the laughs????? someone please tell me.


sexydublinsweet 44F

3/2/2006 2:45 pm

Hi there laoisbabe,
Well i have been in AdultFriendFinder for over 2 years now and this behaviour has always gone on. People tend to think because they are long term members that they have certain rights, the right to alienate others, the right to pick and choose who goes to meets.. a superior right so it seems.. its really unfortunate as i believe anyone entering the Ireland room should be welcomed..Cead Mile Failte.. that used to be our logo.. a hundred thousand welcomes.. apparently that doesnt exist anymore..
i believe evveryone has the right to got to meets and be welcomed.. and sometimes people have there bad days, as we all know. but we have to get over it. We are all online because we are missing something in our lives, and we all should be aware of that.. this alienation i believe is wrong, and the sooner poeple start realizing that we are all human, and we should all be accepting, the sooner this type of thing will stop..
Thats my opinion anyway, thanks for bringing it up,.

hotSnack77 39M

3/14/2006 11:56 am

I didn't notice anything... I think it is just as confusing and as little efficient as other chats. PPL are not interested in each other and the balance between males and females is not right.

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