very sexy dream  

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12/22/2005 8:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

very sexy dream

"oh please just do it" i begged. He had been teasing my clit with his 10 inch cock for what seemed like eternity. I thought I was going to die if he wouldn't plunge into me. And still he wouldn't. He went down kissing my neck and my breasts stopping only to bite my nipples and then continued down to my cleanly shaven pussy. kissing my inner thigh. I reach down to finger myself because i couldn't take it anymore. He takes my hand and stops me. finally he decides that its time and he moves back up on me. He takes his cock and sticks in about a half inch. then he pulls back out. he does this for about five mins. then puts in about an inch and pulls out repeatedly. he does this a half in at a time until hes in about 4 inches. Now i'm begging him to just shove it all in me. I wanted it bad and i wanted it rough. So he stops. whispers in my ear "are you ready?". "oh god yes" i scream. and in one swift motion he plunges deep inside of me causing me to scream and moan and cry. we came together over and over.

lets just say when i woke up from this i was verrry verry happy!!!

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