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7/11/2006 7:50 pm

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"passion in a world that is dark and beautiful"

Beautiful darkness depths so great they can't be forged
Stars that shine so bright they light the way to a place beyond
Vast spaces with nothing but bitterness that wraps around the unfavorable souls

Accept me into your arms and love me tonight
For I require the warmth of your body caressing mine
your eyes looking into the deep pools of devotion that live
beneath the eyes that gaze back at you

I crave tonight to feel your passion inside me
Deep within the walls that will clutch you tight
The passion and pleasure of movements
that transport us from this world
and take us to the next

Boundless spaces that embroider the walls
of this sanctuary we call the bed
Bestow to me all that I quest
and I will replenish in you an emptiness,
that I alone know how to accomplish
Waver upon the nectar of my existence

Delight upon the flesh that covers my organs
For in the desire and wantonness that consumes us,
there is a contentment that only a few will fathom

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