Erotic Writings: The Photgrapher Idea  

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2/1/2006 10:16 pm

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Erotic Writings: The Photgrapher Idea

There's one story I've been kind of wanting to play with, though I haven't had the heart to for want of someone else to bounce ideas off of. After seeing still shots from a short movie called "Basalisk Stare" in which a photographer is trying to catch a woman in the act of an ellicit affair and then somehow witnesses himself in the woman's room killing her and the man she's with by smothering them as they sleep. What I wanted to do was to take the idea of the voyuer and turn it around a bit, giving a twist to witnessing sex or violence or whatnot. In short, a man with some very good camera lenses takes to watching a woman in an apartment across the way not because she's sexy, but because she seems to lead a very normal and calm life compared to his. Everyday she has a routine which he watches like reality television, using it as his kind of entertainment in his painfully hectic and insane life. He sees she owns a cat, lives alone, and doesn't have a car, but gets around by bus, bike, or on foot. She's a regular at the corner resteraunt, and he only occasionally sees visitors over. Of course one day a gentleman comes calling with flowers for her, a dress, jewelery, shoes, all the things needed for going out on the town in style, but this isn't a man he's seen before, and he seems to almost boss around the woman as if he owns her. Unfortunately he's not awake when she returns that night, or maybe he is, but what shows up in her posession is an old book she takes time in repairing, and which he sees someone break into her apartment when she's not home in an attempt to steal.

Wow, I do blather on, and it doesn't look to have a bit of sex in it just yet either. See, this is one of my foibles, I'm big on story, on plot, on creating a mental playground to romp around on and see where it goes.

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2/2/2006 5:08 am

Hmmm...this all seems like deja vu

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