my garden between my legs  

ladylover19592 58F
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7/22/2005 1:39 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

my garden between my legs

Thanks for all your "breast" thoughts - lets try this-

My garden path is warm
inviting to the touch,
a place of gentle passion
for those who do not rush.

I linger in its darkness
and spread its folds to light,
I enter in its pleasure
move to a newer height.

I water my lovely garden
with rivers of passion springs
and caress it deepes cavern
for the feeling that it brings

Explore my tender garden
with finger, touch and tongue
for in my loving garden
our journey has begun

Bring your garden to me
and merger your heat in mine
until we rain together
being lost in our own time

For in our garden pleasure
In that precious place
we find the great expression
of our feminine space

tarnishedgold 71M
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7/22/2005 9:10 pm

What a tender and sensual poem. It takes a lot to get this 60 year old "up" for sharing the delights and pleasures to be foundin your garden. Your poem did it for me! thanks for the fantasy.

Agent4Sure 61M  
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7/25/2005 10:47 am

Very pretty and sensual poem. Now I understand better why I enjoy gardening so much. It is so peaceful in the garden, earthy, primal, natural and beautiful. Watch my cucumber grow larger and larger!

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