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Robert II

I hadn't spoken to a human being for days and when he stepped down from the 1953 ford stepside truck, I felt like a frenzied horse without words, wanting to shy away. He held out his hands and I could feel the warmth of his body. He whispered to me to get in, "Get in out of the rain, you're soaked," and he threw a coarse but somehow soft blanket around my shoulders.

The next thing I knew , he had lifted me up into the truck and I realized I was too tired to fight. I was almost limp in his arms and as my rear end felt the springy bounce of the seat, I felt him lean forward until his lips were almost touching mine. His breath was hot on my face, and his lips were so close that it almost burned. I felt something inside me being pulled toward my insides just trying to gush out.

Then, he flashed a smile...a smile I had never trusted, a smile that I had always thought would be the end of me. I denied to myself that it could be him...the same person from years ago... I wanted it to be him, but it never was him. Every time since, it had always been, always ended up being someone else, someone else to steal my time, someone else to pretend with. The thought vanished as I slipped away with me into a black, velvety sleep.

As I came back up to the surface of my sleep, I heard him shifting gears...felt us slowing down, stopping. I felt him reach over me, a strong, warm arm across my blanket covered chest...pausing there and I felt his gaze on my face, felt him looking down, felt his hand reach across, fingers closing on the shiny white knob that turned around the chrome arm of the window crank. The rain had stopped and now the air was balmy and sweet in my nostrils. I could feel him watching me for a long time before he finally reached down and held my hand in his. Then, like a slow flame ignites, he leaned over. His front teeth were on my neck, then his lips coming together, wrapping hotly around the small fold of flesh he had in his teeth, then his hands under my back, pulling me toward him. My eyes snapped open like a doll's as he pulled me up from where I had been slumped and mashed my chest into his burning chest. As he kissed me hard on the lips, his hand found my breast. The kiss lasted until his heavy breathing, hot breath like a bull as if he were trying to inhale me into him, had me coming up for air. As the cool air rushed into my lungs, my tongue followed the flow of my moist breath up from his collar, up his neck...His flesh radiated heat and his muscular neck was tensed and flushed. I was hungry as my lips found his tongue circled and I sucked the small silver ring there, felt the metal on my teeth....

To be continued...

aVeteranwith8 49M

6/19/2005 12:16 pm

you have a talent. I can see that. SWAK

AmberSolaire 42M

6/19/2005 12:24 pm

Encore un fois.

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