Enough real life...  

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Enough real life...

Robert I

The sun was beginning to sink. My feet hurt and my stomach had forgotten how to feel hungry, only my heart and my body remembered. The sky flooded my mind with turquoise as dusk came down to meet the highway. There were no real feelings, just a longing for rain, my teeth coming together a little, my jaw stiffening, a longing for something long ago...as I found myself looking East, watching a neon-red gas station sign flicker as it made a weak attempt at coming on.

A dust devil whipped up against my leg, as if trying to get inside my bootleg jeans...just me, my pack and my bedroll. Nothing else mattered.

As the wind picked up, little pieces of tumble weeds and dust softly brushed my lips, got tangled in my hair...and I remembered how frightened I used to be when the wind howled...how I thought back then...that it could steal my soul. And I remembered what Robert had told me...He had said, "Hunny, don't be afraid. When the wind blows like that, that's just somebody tellin' you they love you." A little smile came to me and I felt warmed by it, but I realized that I was shivering on the outside.

The sky was turning an inky, purplish indigo color. There was still enough light to see the skyline, to see the ancient rocks piled on one another...I made a point of never looking back...it brought bad luck every time...well if not bad luck, uneven ground...changes that would turn my life over like a garden's rich soil...and I didn't always like what was under there where it was warm and rotten.

I heard an engine, and engine with a warm, mellow sound, like an old soul moving steadily along. I looked back down the road...saw his big round eyes, the large headlights piercing the darkness, bright in my eyes, familiar somehow, like something coming back around somehow.

I turned my back, eyes forward, kept walking, a little faster...and faster, until I was almost running. I tried to leave the road, twisted my ankle a little and stumbled as my foot found the roadside ditch.

to be continued...

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