A dream?  

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7/5/2005 5:33 pm

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A dream?

If you missed earlier installments, please read back in my blogs to find them...I have a couple things going like this...

Robert III

I looked in his eyes and felt as if I’d finally found myself there…and I was so hungry for myself, what he had taken from me when he’d made love to me that first time…what he held beneath that placid mirror that was his heart. He looked different than the man I remembered…but I knew somehow that it was him.

As we kissed again, I tried to catch his tongue with my lips, but he was pulling away…smiling that devil’s smile…when I looked at him, I always wondered where the eerie light came from…it was always there…did he make that light? Was it part of him? Was he part of it? It frightened me just as it intoxicated me. I felt as if I were drifting upon a sea of sangria…floating above the crux of two worlds…one not so real, the other, very much so…

I felt dreadfully hungry for him, as if his kiss had started a fire in my chest, which was quickly spreading to the rest of me. He started driving again, down a deserted dirt road off the highway. Suddenly, I felt afraid…I looked at him again and realized that I didn’t know him at all…just that devil’s smile…those blue eyes…Suddenly my eyes were wide and my heart pounding like a rabbit’s and I felt the need again to escape like I was responding to some very old memory…

I opened the door and tumbled out…Adrenalin coursed through me and I hardly felt my body hit the ground and came up running. He stopped the truck quickly, got out and went around to the passenger’s side, paused and lit a cigarette. I heard him almost jokingly say, "Damnit...Woman." It was familiar…and I paused and turned to look at him, like a deer might…I was puzzled and wild…he took a few steps toward me and the sense of being unsure came again…I saw some fevered vision of hunting dogs chasing me and the fear found me running again. He didn’t look angry, or even panicked, in fact he was ungodly calm…but he deliberately dropped the cigarette and took out after me. I fell hard on my stomach on the red clay and he caught up.

He was lying on my back, warm and heavy, holding my arms with his own. "Come here often, Little Girl?" he asked, turning me over and kissing me, pulling back again to flash a grin at me…as if he thought I would be reassured…but I wasn’t. Before I knew, I was twisting away from him, fighting him. He was adept at holding, at fighting, at killing…I knew that somewhere in the back of my mind…yet I still fought, until my thumb found his eye and he stopped and flinched…I stopped too, and held both his cheeks in my hands, but all I could do was look into his eyes. I saw a small spider of blood crawling in the white of his eye, and I wanted to cry as the breath left me, my self leaving, sucked into him again… but the urge to run overtook me again.

He saw it before I could take off, and this time, he was quicker, catching me in his arms, with his legs, until he had me in a full Nelson. There was little I could do at that point. I heard my neck crackling and felt dizzy and a little sick…the muscles felt as if they were on fire and I instinctively began to relax my neck and body, going limp, distancing myself…If he had wanted to, I knew that he held me sheer seconds away from the reaper at that point…"You give up now? Gonna say uncle?" he said. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I gave in, just quietly said, "Yes…" Then I turned my head and vomited on the ground…and I felt his hand on my face, gently and heard him say, "You’re burning up…" then, I felt him lifting me and carrying me close to his body.

I awoke with no clothes on lying under animal pelts, in an expansive home with stone-walls and rustic yet tastefully modern decor, with a huge hearth and a fire going…The man from earlier..Robert maybe...? was gone, but a different, fresh-faced, scholarly yet fit-looking young man had been watching me attentively and as he saw that I had awakened, he lifted my head up to spill some ice water between my parched lips as I swallowed it thirstily. My back felt raw and bruised where his hand touched, but his thin, long fingers were delicate. I had never seen him before, but he had a tender smile and a look of reverie that went along with it…His touch was searching, tentative, unsure and youthful, as he subtly held my shoulder and he shifted until he sat holding my shoulders up with his bare, slightly hairy leg under my upper back.

He smiled and said, "I’m Sean." I work for the owner here sometimes…I could hear music playing in another room, and the clinking of ice in a glass as someone deftly swirled it…and a man’s strong, sure, soft sock-clad footsteps and I knew that someone was watching from the other room, though, when I turned my head to seek him out with my eyes, I found only darkness, and the sense of someone, someone very intense, someone beyond my reach…but I could feel his eyes on my body, searching, caressing…I felt as if a tiger was watching from his resting place in the dark comfort of his own piece of jungle…the music changed…a tender old song was playing…about love and loss, give and take…mellow, the music and the singer’s voice seemed to make the fire’s flames dance in a gentle rhythm.

To be Continued...

gembarok 48M

7/6/2005 9:19 am

inter spem et metum

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7/6/2005 10:16 pm

would really like to talk to you personally

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7/7/2005 8:29 am

occupo diei, occupo noctis, occupo matera.

And since I'm in a spanish state -

Tengo un gato en mis pantalones!

gembarok 48M

7/8/2005 7:44 am

sua cuique voluptas

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