Rant 8/16/05  

ladyinabotle 33F
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8/16/2005 11:12 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Rant 8/16/05

Why is it that I'm 22 and the responces I get are mostly from men 50 and older? I know most of you think "You haven't had ur profile up long enough to get that many responces," but I had one by another screen name up for months, and I'm talking about the responces I got from it too.

Well, haven't had any hookups from here yet, but I'm looking forward to one schedualed for the 26-28th of this month. Yes, FoclFloyd, I'll have a great weekend planned for you when you come down. I hope your first trip to WV is a memerable one.

Well, I've got to get off of here and head to work. Fun Fun. Will Post More Later.

lifeisablast333 54M

8/16/2005 2:08 pm

the deal with older guys contacting you is simple, old dudes love the young chicks. and we hope that your hook up goes well, bad hook ups just suck ass. But keep the readers posted either way.....see ya....... the redneck...........come ck out our blog.............................

two413sum 63M/42F

8/23/2005 11:47 am

you're right lady in a bottle.older men do like the younger ladies.i'm 30 and mine is great.i'd like to share he and i so get with us.


reallyeasy1000 45M
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8/24/2005 4:55 pm

If all your wanting to do is fuck then there are alot of younger guys out there to hook you up. Just let me know!

CharlestonWVGuy 42M

8/27/2005 5:13 pm

Well, I'm 30, do I count as "older"? I haven't had any hookups from AdultFriendFinder yet either. Not for lack of trying though, more like a lack of decent looks, lol.

rm_bygodwv 49M

8/29/2005 7:40 pm

Send me a picture and we'll see what happens.

dadriller2 42M
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11/18/2005 11:27 am

Hey, I'm new to the network and I haven't had any hook ups yet. I'm 31 and would like to meet someone. If interested contact me.

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