My journey continues....  

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4/30/2006 12:09 pm

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My journey continues....

It is morning and Master is sleeping beside me.
What an interesting evening we had. I went to Master's house about 7 last evening. When I arrived he told me had a setback in his schedule and was just having dinner. As we talked I was asked if I would take his daughter to meet a friend at the movies and pick up a six pack of beer on the way back. No problem, happy to do it. I was gone maybe twenty minutes. Upon my return I put the beer in the fridge at waist level out of habit because I am a vertically challenged person, short in other-words (this is important for later). I picked up my water from I had been sitting earlier and proceeded to move over to sit next Master. After I had made my way there he told me to go back to where I was before. Without question I did as I was told and then was told to strip. Again I did as I was told and when my shirt was over my head I heard the sound of chains and bells. I said "Uh oh" with a nervous giggle and Master said "What do you mean uh oh?" When I looked he has leather cuffs with small silver bells in his hands. He put them on my wrists and ankles explaining as he did that now he would know wherever I was. He then locked my wrists together as well as my ankles, told me to sit on the floor, no rug here, just bare wood, very cold on the ass. He then put a leather collar around my neck and proceeded to chain me to the leg of the coffee table to a loop on the collar. I was able to sit with my back to the arm of the sofa close to his leg. This I did not find uncomfortable. we settled in to watch a show on dragons and he stroked my head and hair. It was most enjoyable. I love the sensation of someone stroking me. After awhile Master asked me to get him another beer. Interesting challenge first to get up from the floor then to get to the fridge with hands and ankles locked. After getting up I shuffled my way to the kitchen and thank myself for putting the beer down low. But I had not put my water bottle down that low. I was able to reach it but I will remember for the next time where that should go also. When I returned with the drinks he said that he thought I did well and liked the view as was coming back. I settled down on the floor once again and he replaced the chain. Watched more tv and made small talk waiting on the teenager to call for a ride home. I shifted the way I was sitting and Master asked "Uncomfortable?". No I answered, my ass was just numb, to which he replied we can wake it up later. I looked at him and smiled. I knew what he meant and was looking forward to another flogging....or did he have something else in mind this evening? I do not know. Master went upstairs to the bedroom and was gone for a few minutes. When he came back he said there was something he wanted me to do for him. He unchained me from the table and told me to remove a small leather strap from the headboard of the bed. And I was to do this with hands and ankles locked together. I thought to myself "How are you getting up those stairs girlfriend?". As I shuffled towards the stairs with my as doing a nice little wiggle for Master I thought you can't climb them as usual. I reached the stairs and tried to lift a foot. No way. Okay, plan B....down on the knees and crawl. I felt like an inch worm, hands on the step just above and my feet pushing me forward and up.I think Master was shocked that I did this so easily. I know next time it will not be. When I got to the top of the stairs I crawled to the door and pulled myself up. I shuffled to the bed and removed the strap. Master had come up by this time and said it was probably better that I did not try to come down that way. He took the strap and threw it in the trash. I said I need to use the bathroom and also said that you probably will not unlock me to do that will you. Master looked at me and said you assumed something that may or may not be true. I replied then I guess it does me no good to ask in a different way. Master just looked at me and made reference again to my assuming his response. I thought for a minute and rephrased my question and he said yes. I stood waiting for Master to unlock me but that did not happen. He looked at me and said I do not come to you and with a bit of a reality check I went down to the floor, raising my hands and ankles to be unlocked. It didn't matter, I knew something more was coming, the whole evening was building up to this moment. But it was not to be, much to my frustration. Why you may ask? My body betrayed me. My monthly friend decided to make an untimely appearance and pretty much put a damper on the activities for the rest of the evening. When I returned to the living room I chained myself to the table once again. When Master returned he said came back to the couch he said it was not necessary for me to sit there. I aid I thought that this is what he wanted. He was pleased that I had gone back to my place on the floor but said I could have sat on the couch. I was left unlocked. He looked at me as said he knew that I was not the least bit happy with the fact that my body had taken matters into its own hands. No I replied I was not. He smiled and said he understood. I was cold and asked if I may put my clothes on to which he said yes. I sat beside him on the couch. While we waited for the teenager to call we talked about what I would not want to have Deon to me. There are specific things I do not wish to try however being new to this lifestyle I told him I am open and willing to try anything so long as there was no permanent damage done to which he said that would not be a good thing for anyone. So we will see where things go. The evening was over when the teenager called to be picked up. Not long after returning home we retired for the evening. The next week is busy for both of us. Master has family in town for his oldest daughter's wedding and I have just a few days of work before I leave for Festival on Thursday. Hopefully somewhere in between we will see each other. I look forward to that with great anticipation. I enjoy sex on a regular basis and I know that the next time with Master will be intense. I already know Master likes it when I desire him and I show him how much I do. I leave you with this until sometime next week. Thank you for stopping by. Come back and share my journey.


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