Social pariah?  

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7/23/2006 8:50 am

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Social pariah?

Lately I have felt left out of group events on purpose....kinda like maybe someone has said something bad about me or towards in response I am not getting invited to get togethers and such. Maybe it is just me but.....when several people who were all gungho to get with me all the sudden does not want anything to do with makes me wonder why. Then again maybe it is because I am only on line about once a week and that is how they all tend to communicate. But could they not just send me a text message or voice mail to invite me? I know this may be to much to ask but I know for sure they do this with others in the group. So how do I find out what has been said and how do I change it? I think I am going to text a supposed friend and see if she will tell me the truth...if not then maybe I need to find a new group of friends..huh? I hope nobody else has this problem right now. And I kinda hope I am overreacting just a little to being left out.....but usually when I feel this way there tends to be a reason. Dang it if I just can not figure out who I pissed off....oh well maybe I just need to be the big drama queen and total bitch(like some others) and then be invited every time. NO that is so not me that it is not even doable....wish me luck in finding out whose wheaties I pissed in!!! Later....Cyn

capnhuggybear 43M

7/28/2006 1:59 pm

hey im new to this, not sure how to chat and email and all, nice pic

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