Good luck?  

ladycyn1000 44F
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3/12/2006 2:59 pm
Good luck?

I have to wonder what I should do about my recent good luck. I think when it rains it pours and that leaves me a little scared about the dry weather that may follow. But am looking forward to meeting everyone I talk with that is interested in the real thing and not just talking. My friend has not called or came by and I think she has had second thoughts about adding benefits to our friendship but that is okay. She will be my friend and I can find other playmates. So how do you really know if someone is as real as they say they are. I have already talked to plenty of people but none have really stepped up to plate so to speak. How do you get past that and actually get them to meet? Well I am moved in but not totally unpacked in the new place. Been busy at work and Friday was the first time I have been out in about a month. A few beers and then back home I went...dull and boring....need to find something to liven up my free time. Well am wishing you all good luck in your search and catch ya later, Cyn

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