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6/7/2006 6:07 am

I am walking down an alley way. I am unaware that I am being followed as my mind is clustered with a 'to do' list about a mile long. It is night time of course; perhaps I was out for a midnight stroll. The streets are empty with the exception of a stray cat in the adjacent alleyway. AS I turn the corner, taking a short cut down a dimly lit alleyway, I hear the shuffling of feet behind me. When I stop walking and turn around to see just who is behind me, the movement stops and I see nothing, not even a shadow.
I proceed on my walk when out of nowhere, I am jumped from behind. I get slammed to the ground and feel hot breath on my face.
"I have been watching you," it says in a husky whisper.
I feel something hard pressing on my buttocks as I am pinned beneath the weight of this stranger behind me. The object feels rather large; my mind wonders if it is a gun.
With no further words, the stranger turns me over, forcing me to lie on my back. I am able to distinguish a face; he is a good looking hard bodied man. His face is flawless, and he removes his shirt, still pinning me beneath him. His chest ripples with the movement of his biceps as he tosses his shirt over to the side. He then, while maintaining eye contact with me, unzips his tight faded jeans. A rather large boner springs free.
Fear courses through me and yet it is overpowered by this animal urge to just let go.
Keeping me pinned beneath him, he rips open my t-shirt with much ease. His eyes move from mine and scan down to my breasts as they are hidden behind a satin black bra. With a swift movement of his right hand, he hooks his finger under the front clasp and forces it open with a rip. My large breasts bounce free. His hands then grasp at them, squeezing them like a baker would his dough. His thumbs dance over my large nipples, causing them to stand in full attention of his touch.
His large hands cup each breast and pull on them roughly. I groan quietly behind pursed lips. His breathing is heavy and raspy, as he straddles me but moves from my waist to my ankles. I think he fears I will want to leave, but no, I want him in an odd sadistic way. He rips off my shorts and uses my thong panties to tie my wrists together above my head. He takes his belt and anchors my bound wrists to a pipe on the outside of the building we were at.
"You fucking whore, I am going to fuck you until you bleed," he angrily spits as he removes his pants from around his ankles and forces his large cock into my mouth.
Its thickness nearly chokes off my air-way as I try to take in all that he is shoving at me. He grabs my head and forces my face onto his cock, jabbing my throat, urging me to gag and regurgitate my snack.
"Don't you fucking choke; you take it in like a good girl."
A deep part of me is yearning for this, and yet another part of me, the surfaced side is frightened. Tears well in my eyes as his cock is being forced down my throat. Then, he quickly pulls out and fiercely strokes his cock. He stands near my head, stroking his cock and groaning. I am growing more and more aroused. Being at his command is a new desire to me.
He forces my legs apart and fingers my clean shaven and very wet pussy. He doesn't just shove one finger, but four, with some pain. The pain is nothing compared to the pleasure. He forcefully finger fucks me until I am climactic when he stops, leaving my body aching for more, I arch my body in search of his touch.
"Now comes the fun part bitch, I'm gonna make you scream."

He shoves his large hard cock into my aching wet pussy and thrusts with force several times. My back gets scraped against the pavement; the pain again is just added pleasure. I groan loudly before he shoves a sock or something into my mouth. As he is fucking me as rough as he can, he pinches both of my nipples sending a hot searing pain throughout my breasts. He pulls on them and twists them then he stops fucking me and shoves a tit in his mouth biting my nipple hard. I scream but it is muffled by the sock or what ever it is, in my mouth. He bites again though this time; he rams his cock deep and roughly into me, easing the pain on my nipple.
His hands grip my hips as he thrusts into me again, with force. He then pulls my hair from the top of my head, pulling on it forcing my face forward as he continues to ram himself into me causing my pussy to throb with pleasure.
"Oh gooogggg," I say with a muffle as he continues to force fuck me. He pulls out and strokes his cock some more. He then gets on his knees and shoves his whiskery face into my pussy, flicking my clit with his tongue before biting it. I squeal, sounding like a mouse or bird chirping as he bites my clit and lips.
He then shoves his four fingers in me and fiercely fucks me with his fingers again. He spits on his wrist, unknown as to why he would do that, I allow the pleasure to take over the mind. My eyes close and my head tilts back as I feel something wide slowly ease up into me. It moves slowly at first until my pussy makes it very wet, then it moves in an upward motion, reaching an area that can't be reached by a finger or a cock. I feel a new sensation wash over me as my legs begin to quiver with each thrust. I open my eyes to see this man fist fucking me. His tongue flicks my clit as he shoves his fist up into my very wet and throbbing pussy. I feel a tightening down below, like my inner muscles are in a cramp but a pleasurable cramp. As the heat of this sensation builds up and he continues to fist fuck me, I feel myself letting go in the hardest orgasm I have ever had. My pussy throbs with such force; he pulls his fist out to allow a stream of fluid to gush out of my pussy in a squirting flow. With each hard throbbing shudder of cum I have, I squirt and screamed in ecstasy.
"You fucking wet bitch, take this,"he says as he straddles my chest and jerks his cock until it spits its warm flow of cum all over my face and hair.

monkeyboy818 37M

6/7/2006 7:40 am

Fucking hell!!!!!!!

I think I have just had the shit kicked out of me. It sounded so twisted yet strangly eroctic..

Please don't try this at home..

P.s I could role play this with you..

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