What is True to Heart is Not False  

lady_ttiger4ny 45F
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9/2/2006 1:32 am
What is True to Heart is Not False

What is true to heart
is not false in thine own eye
i do not pass judgement
nor insult on other's blog
'what gives you right
to judge others you do not know?'
yes, you know..who you are
that...i shall not tell

No need for insults
as you have done
i am all woman
as real as can be
i speak out
only in truth
as what has been felt
is true to heart

not an accusee
nor the accuser
am i
i only speak
with passion
of heart
truth be told
rudeness not
to be tolerated
by this woman
in need
who are you
to speak at me
this way
i do not know you
nor you, a' me
be gone, your post
is far rude
to accuse me
of not being
such a lady
as you now see
your post to me
now on my blog
does not exist
i'll except
only your apology
for your post
which has yet
to be received

thank you all
others who accept
my blog of truth
as passion within
i still
have yet to give

truth be told
passion resides
within this Tiger
who's left in need

by TTiger

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