To the man who's words have mesmerized me...  

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6/18/2006 10:57 pm

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To the man who's words have mesmerized me...

I'm hot & in need of your loving touch,
longing for such a special man
and yet have yet to claim you
To the man who's words have me mesmerized,
your passionate song flows through your fingertips
wrecking havoc with my mind,
consuming my every thought,
til i can think of nothing more than you,
with just a sight of your strong muscular body
in picture before me, makes my body tremble
with such firey aching desire,
wetness grows within my panties,
and a throbbing need deep within,
a small flame grows in my soaking wet depths
increasing to a raging fire within my loins,
the need to have you,is growing with such force
which i can not bear much longer,
i long to know you better & have you close,
yet you wait, afraid of what you'll find?
for a man speaks words of honey,
to seduce me with such passion within your word,
at night you break into my dreams
increasing my desires deep within,
even in the shower i feel
as if you are so near,in my thoughts
as water flows,caressing every curve of my body
so much fantasies you've given me
i can not sleep without you wrecking havoc
in my dreams, where i long to have you in my arms
to feel the passion through your touch...
Is my only Wish to claim

lady_ttiger4ny 45F
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6/21/2006 1:04 am

    Quoting jr27246:
    You make me wish I was twenty years younger, but your words still have so much meaning to me. I'm 56, not dead. I know what passion is and I know what love is. I have been priviliged to love and feel all those things you write about.

    I come on here most every day to masturbate watching women that once I could have made love to, but not any more. It's a fair trade I think. I watch and don't interfere.
Such passion and anger
formed into Erotica
from within my very soul...
all for my admiring readers
such as yourself & others

thankyou 4 ur compliments,

ps., don't give up ur search, you'll find someone who fits ur needs...i send you some luck in your search

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